Elizabeth Hackett Robinson ’84 Innovation Hub

Reach out to an Innovation Hub team member for advice about their program area. If you’re not sure where to start, any of them can get you to the right place!

Creativity and Innovation

For advising on creativity and innovation programs, please contact Heather at hneuwirth@middlebury.edu or Dana at danaa@middlebury.edu.

Heather Neuwirth Lovejoy '08


Director, Innovation Hub

Dana Anderson


Associate Director of Creativity & Innovation

Sarah Mantell


Creativity & Social Innovation Coordinator

Global Health Faculty Affiliates

Innovative programs and community interventions require careful thinking about potential impacts on other people. As a discipline, Global Health scrutinizes these impacts, intended or not, especially as they affect vulnerable groups. Global Health faculty members can help you think through how to approach your project ethically and effectively to ensure maximum benefit to the people who will be impacted.

Pam Berenbaum


Director, Global Health Program

David Torres


Professor of the Practice


For questions about MiddCORE…

Greg Conrad

Associate Director, MiddCORE

Robert Moeller

Associate Professor of Psychology and Director of MiddCORE

EJ Bartlett


Marketing and Communications Director of MiddCORE and the Innovation Hub

Oratory Now

For questions about Oratory…

Ben Powers


Associate Director, Oratory Now

Dana Yeaton


Oratory Now Faculty Director & Associate Professor of Theatre

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