Aerial view of McCardell Bicentennial Hall.

The Institutional Review Board exists as a standing committee.

It consists of at least seven members, including:

  • A member of the Psychology Department
  • A member of the Sociology-Anthropology Department
  • A member whose primary concerns are in non-scientific areas
  • A representative of the public from the local community who does not have active ties to the College or to the organization sponsoring the research
  • An administrator (ex officio)

The chair of the committee is appointed by the administration of the College. The community representative is invited by the Dean of the Faculty to serve on a yearly basis. The community member may serve as many consecutive terms as they are is invited to and willing to serve.

2023-24 IRB Members

Matt Kimble, IRB Chair

Janet Brennan 

Jamie McCallum

David Munro

Katharine Petrich

Thor Sawin

Gyula Zsombok

Jim Ralph, ex officio

IRB Administration

Jake Pirkkanen, Ph.D.
Associate Director for Research Compliance