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| by Terry Simpkins


eReserves homepage

As of October, 2022, library will stop supporting Docutek EReserves — the system we use to run ERes.

The primary reasons for this are: 1) use of the system has decreased significantly in recent years as more faculty have used other systems such as Canvas to manage class readings, and 2) vendor support for newer server operating systems is being discontinued, meaning that in order to continuing running the system we would need to rely on an outdated operating system, presenting us with increased security risks.  

We are still exploring and planning what a post-Docutek world will look like at the College and the Institute, but we want to get this news on your radar so you can think about how this change might impact you.  We will be in touch again later in the semester with a procedure describing how you can retrieve your files and links from ERes, along with options for file sharing and storage that will be available moving forward. 

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact Terry Simpkins.