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| by Wendy Shook

Detailed image of nineteenth century brass spectroscope
Nineteenth Century Brass Spectroscope

The Antique Scientific Instruments Collection captures the history of laboratory science at Middlebury College, from the early 19th to the early 20th century. Beautiful examples of workmanship, these pieces are still used in classes, both in labs and increasingly in humanities courses. They represent a bridge between science and humanities, linking the nineteenth century’s rapid rise of scientific inquiry and understanding with the evolving esthetics, innovations, and philosophical trends of the time.

Image of early chemical batteries
Early Chemical Batteries

For many years, the Antique Instrument Collection was hidden in a storage room, then a study room.  Now it has moved to the main floor of Armstrong Library, in MBH204, where it can be easily viewed and enjoyed.

Questions about the Antique Scientific Instrument Collection should be directed to Wendy Shook, Science Data Librarian.

View into MBH204, a study niche with display cabinets
MBH204 - study space and home to the Antique Instrument Collection