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| by Arabella Holzapfel


Archival photograph showing two Japanese women, one playing a Koto, and another playing Shamisen.

Middlebury College (Vermont) now has access to photographs, maps, documents, and other archival materials in the Nineteenth Century Collections Online.

Middlebury’s access includes all 12 collections:

  • Asia and the West;
  • British Politics and Society;
  • British Theatre, Music and Literature;
  • Children’s literature and childhood;
  • The Corvey Collection of European literature, 1790-1840;
  • Europe and Africa: commerce, Christianity, civilization, and conquest;
  • Mapping the world;
  • Photography: the world through the lens;
  • Religion, society, spirituality, and reform;
  • Science, technology, and medicine, 1780-1925, parts 1 and 2;
  • Women: transnational networks.

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