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| by Carrie Macfarlane


Take the library with you!

You’re probably looking forward to summer break. Have you thought about the reading you’ll do while you’re away?

A Cautionary Tale

When students pack up and leave for summer, it’s likely that the library is the last thing on their minds. We understand. You’re busy boxing up your belongings, saying farewell to friends, and climbing aboard buses, planes and automobiles en route to places near and far. 

A few weeks later, when it’s time to read something for a summer job or a passion project, some students encounter a disappointing surprise. Nearly every link they click on for JSTOR, OverDrive, or [insert name of favorite library database here] asks them to pay or log in. Sadly, these login pages (also known as a “paywall”) bring the joyful browsing to an abrupt halt. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

What Went Wrong?

Library databases aren’t really free on campus; they’re available to Midd students, faculty and staff because of library subscriptions. When you’re on campus, we can seamlessly transport you to most of our databases. When you’re off campus, however, it’s not quite as seamless. A few extra steps are required for access. The steps are described here on the library’s Off-Campus Access page.

Take the Library with You!

Before you leave for the summer, make sure you know how to access library databases from off campus. Visit the library’s Off-Campus Access page (go/liboffcampus/).

Don’t forget that librarians are accessible when you’re off campus, too! If you have any questions about the library, no matter where you are, please contact a librarian via chat, email or text. Find all of our info on the Ask a Librarian page (go/askus/).

Go to the Off-Campus Access page (go/liboffcampus/) now. 

Safe travels!

Media Contact

Carrie Macfarlane is the Director of Research & Instruction at the Davis Family Library