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| by Carrie Macfarlane

Staff Picks

Staff Picks


Saad, Layla F. 2020. Me and White Supremacy: Combat Racism, Change the World, and Become a Good Ancestor. Naperville, Illinois: Sourcebooks. ProQuest Ebook Central.

This 200-page workbook begins with an assumption that if you are white then you are a white supremacist. It also assumes that since you picked up a book called Me and White Supremacy, you’re willing to at least try on that label for size. I sought out Me and White Supremacy because it was recommended by the author of White Fragility, Robin DiAngelo. I am half-white, half-Asian. After 28 days of guided reflection, I feel more able to talk about the ways in which I have participated in a system of white bias and privilege, and I have a more concrete understanding of the impact that system has had on Brown, Black and Indigenous people.

book cover: me and white supremacy

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