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| by Carrie Macfarlane

Got a trick research or citation question? Stop by the research desk for answers and a treat!

Asking a librarian:  Is it trick, or treat?

Librarians help with tricky research and citation questions, and we keep a candy bowl at the Research Desk. So, we would argue that asking a librarian is both trick and treat! If you have a question, stop by the Research Desk at the Davis Family Library.

Here are a few tricky situations that have prompted students to talk with a librarian this semester: starting a research paper; refining a research topic; looking for data; feeling stuck; wanting to make sure that no great sources on a topic were missed.

What happens when you talk with a librarian? We usually begin with a few questions that help us understand what you’re interested in. Then, we work with you to identify and meet your goals. By the end, you might have suggestions for where to search, keywords to search for, citations to sources, or advice regarding next steps.

Visit the Research Desk at the Davis Family Library for trick and treat!

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Carrie Macfarlane is the Director of Research & Instruction at the Davis Family Library