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Armstrong Science Library: 10am - 12am

| by Carrie Macfarlane

Welcome, Febs

Welcome, Febs! We’re so excited to introduce you to the libraries at Middlebury. Here are seven ways to start digging into our collections, services and study spaces. Try one each day, and you’ll be done in a week!

Davis Family Library
Davis Family Library

1. Reserve a Study Room

There are so many places to study at the Davis Family Library and the Armstrong Science Library.* You can recline in a soft chair, spread your notes out across a big wooden tabletop, or hunker down in a private study room…

…What’s that, you say? A room all to yourself, where you can log in to Zoom without waking up your roommate? That’s right!

McCardell Bicentennial Hall
McCardell Bicentennial Hall

Use this link to reserve a study room:  go/bookaroom/

*Note that during the spring semester, the Armstrong Science Library is accessible only to people who are authorized to enter McCardell Bicentennial Hall.

2. Print a Course Syllabus

No matter how hard you try to reduce your carbon footprint, eventually, you’ll probably need to print something out. Conveniently, you can find printers (black & white and color) in both libraries.

Consult the Tech HelpDesk How to Print handout when you need to print something — a course syllabus, perhaps?

Book covers
Audiobooks from Overdrive

3. Download an Audiobook

We know you’ll be busy with course readings, study sessions, and extracurriculars. But students love our audiobooks, so we want to make sure you know where to find them.

Many of our audiobooks are entertaining and educational — we might even know of a few librarians who have listened to them at the gym. How about downloading an audiobook before your next trip to the Field House?

Check out our audiobooks (and ebooks) here at go/overdrive/.

4. Visit the Online Archives

Middlebury is 221 years old. That’s two centuries of New England winters. Special Collections & Archives keeps track of the College’s history, including all of the ways students have kept busy when it’s freezing cold outside.

Visit our online archive and search for snow. Or winter. Brrrrr.

5. Request a Print Book

Audiobooks can be fun, but we know that for some readers, nothing’s as satisfying as a classic hardcover. When you walk around the libraries this spring, you’ll notice that the stacks are temporarily roped off. Don’t worry, you can still get library books. You just have to ask Circulation Services staff to retrieve them for you. This service is called “paging,” and it’s quite convenient!

Follow these instructions to request a print book from the stacks: go/paging/.

6. Set Up Your Interlibrary Loan Account

Did you know that we can obtain books and articles for you even if we don’t own them? All you have to do is ask, by filling out an Interlibrary Loan (ILL) request form. You’ll receive most ILL articles electronically, and you’ll pick up ILL books at the library entrance.

If you’re off campus, ILL can scan and send Middlebury-owned books and journal articles to you.

The first time you use ILL, you’ll need to create an account profile by providing your contact information, delivery preferences, etc. Why not get that done now?

Go ahead and set up your Interlibrary Loan Account at go/illiad/.

Photos of librarians
Meet these friendly librarians!

7. Schedule a Consultation

It’s beginning to feel like this is a lot to take in. And believe it or not, there’s more! Allow us to suggest that you meet with a librarian. We’re available for appointments, or you can drop in and talk with us via Chat or Zoom.

Schedule a consultation with a librarian before you your first research assignment, and we’ll get you going in no time.


Find spring semester hours for the libraries at go.middlebury.edu/hours/. We look forward to seeing you in the libraries and online!

Media Contact

Carrie Macfarlane is the Director of Research & Instruction at the Davis Family Library