Global Literacy and Conflict Transformation

Middlebury’s global reach allows us to expand our understanding of the diverse forms of conflict in many cultural, political, and geographic settings. Through language education and immersive learning, our students are challenged to transcend their own knowledge and habits. The skills of intercultural communication and curious listening will help our students positively contribute to the conflicts they encounter around the world.

Select Projects in 2022

  • Pilot projects in select Schools Abroad locations
  • Supporting international internships working with organizations that address conflict


Carlos Vélez, Dean of International Programs

“We’re capitalizing on Middlebury’s deep, existing expertise in conflict studies and intercultural competency. As a globally networked institution, we are well situated to do this work over the next seven years and to share with and learn from others immersed in these efforts.” — Michelle McCauley, Interim Executive Vice President and Provost