A tray of veggie kabobs prepared to go on the outdoor grill.

Middlebury College Dining Services are open for business during the summer months, though we operate differently than during the academic year.

  • We open four dining halls (Proctor, Ross, Atwater, and the Bread Loaf Inn) for summer students, faculty, staff, and guests of our Language Schools and Bread Loaf Schools.
  • Our summer retail operations include Wilson’s Café in Davis Library and MiddExpress and the Grille in McCullough Student Center.

If you do not find the answers to your questions on this page please contact the Dining Services Office at 802-443-5346.

Thank you and enjoy the summer!

Middlebury ID Cards

All diners (students, faculty, staff, and guests) are required to swipe their Middlebury College ID card prior to entering the dining halls. No one will be allowed to enter the dining halls without an ID card (in some cases, such as guests, this may be a temporary card). Please make sure that you carry your Middlebury ID card with you at all times. 

If you lose your card, please contact Public Safety at publicsafety@middlebury.edu or 802-443-5133.

Meals To-Go

Our service is designed to be all-you-care-to-eat within the dining hall and food is not to be taken out. You may to fill up your own personal travel mug with a beverage, but you may not bring in any other type of food personal container to use to carry food out. Please do not take our dishes, silverware, or cups out of the dining hall spaces.  

We do offer clean take-out containers through our Reusable Container Program, available at all of our dining halls on the main campus.  

Dietary Needs and Special Diets

Middlebury College Dining Services strives to accommodate the individual dietary needs and preferences of everyone we serve on campus.  

A complete ingredients list that highlights commonly avoided foods and allergens is posted next to every dish served. You will always find vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free and dairy-free options. 

If you have very specific dietary needs that may not be satisfied by the information above please fill out the Dietary Request Form.


Alcohol is prohibited in our dining halls at all times. Customers are also not allowed to bring in any alcoholic beverages to any of our retail dining locations.

If you would like to purchase an alcoholic beverage at the Grille, you must be 21 years of age. Customers must provide a passport or a U.S.-issued driver’s license, along with your college ID card for proof of age. Non-U.S. driver’s licenses are not accepted as proof of age. If the dining services staff deem that an individual is intoxicated, they will not be served.

Failure to cooperate with dining staff requests may result in disciplinary action.

Eating Kosher

Dining Services offers kosher meals for the School of Hebrew from our certified kosher kitchen on campus. The Kosher food for the Summer Language School Program is prepared by Middlebury College Dining Services. The kitchen is overseen by the Rabbinical Council of New England and supervised by Chabad of Vermont. Should you need to contact the Rabbinical Council regarding a specific question about our program prior to your arrival for the summer, the contact information is as follows:

Rabbi Moshe Kaufman
Kashrus Administrator - KVH Kosher
Rabbinical Council of New England 
665 Beacon St Boston, MA 02215
(617) 426-2139 

How It Works

Our kosher meal program is designed to provide lunch and dinner meals Monday through Friday in the Atwater dining hall only, primarily for the School of Hebrew.

We cannot transport Kosher meals to any other school during the summer. Students in other schools may come to Atwater and pick up a kosher meal and take it back with them to their dining hall to enjoy with their class. Week-end cold meals, Saturday and Sunday, will be served in the Redfield dining room in Proctor. We will prepare the week-end meals and deliver them Friday evening where they will be stored in a dedicated Kosher cooler for use on Saturday and Sunday.

Prepared Kosher breakfast meals are not included in this plan, but the Atwater dining hall provides suitable hectured options Monday through Friday and also in the Redfield dining room on the week-end.

The meals are prepared under the guidance of a Masgiach hired by KVH/Kosher. The meals are prepared and transported in disposable containers, covered and sealed by the Mashgiach for transport in enclosed carts to the Atwater operation where they are transferred into a heated holding cabinet, cold holding cabinet or are left at room temperature in the separate serving area for the School of Hebrew students who have signed up for these meals.

Before service we set up the buffet line with items from the days menu along with disposable, service ware and utensils to eat from. We will also have some additional hectured snack items to supplement your cravings during your stay. For Chabbat, we provide Challah bread and Kosher grape juice for you to take for services before dinner if that is your practice. You can wrap your dinner to go for this night so you can eat after your service. “To Go” plates are not allowed at other times of the week.    

This form sets an intention that you will take the kosher meals prepared for you for the duration of the program or until you inform us that you no longer want to take a Kosher meal. Middlebury College absorbs the costs of operating the on-site kosher kitchen rather than passing these additional costs to participating students. Please grant us the courtesy of eating the meal prepared for you. Should you decide to withdraw from the kosher meal plan for any reason, please notify either the chef, your school coordinator or bilingual as soon as possible. If you have not signed up to eat Kosher but are curious we will be happy to prepare a meal for you, with some notice, to try our Kosher menu and enjoy the experience. The prepared Kosher meals are intended for a student or faculty who is relying on it.

Meals always include a variety of fresh ingredients, and we purchase from local producers when possible. All of our prepared kosher meals will be meat and parve, no dairy. The menu for the day will accompany the meal listing the common name of the dish as well as a list of the ingredients specifically noting the seven common allergens. We cannot cater to everyone’s particular likes but if you have difficulty eating our prepared food please talk to the chef and we will see what accommodations we can make.

In order for us to accurately plan for the kosher kitchen to open and operate for the 7-week program, we will need to know of your intention to take kosher meals before June 15 by filling out this Kosher Request form.

If you would like to see sample menus from the kosher kitchen, please contact Bo Cleveland, Assistant Director, at rclevela@middlebury.edu or 802-443-5349. Anyone who wishes to learn more about the ingredients of any of the items we serve is welcome to visit our Kosher Kitchen and speak with the chef manager.