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For information about confidentiality concerning education records, refer to the section in the College Handbook on FERPA (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act).

Undergraduate Calendar

Fall 2021

Aug 27  Last day to register for Fall I PE courses

Sept 6  In-Person Orientation begins

Sept 10  Registration for New Students

Sept 13  Fall Term Classes Begin

Sept 24  Last day to add fall academic courses and last day to drop fall academic courses in Banner

Oct 1  Last day to register for Fall II PE courses

Oct 18-19  Midterm Recess – no classes

Oct 20  Classes resume (8:00 a.m.)

Nov 1-3 Winter Term registration

Nov 23  Thanksgiving Recess Begins (4:15 p.m.)

Nov 25  Thanksgiving

Nov 29  Classes resume (8:00 a.m.)

Dec 3-8  Spring Term registration

Dec 10  Fall term classes end (2:45 p.m.)

Dec 10  Last day to drop fall courses and to invoke CR/NCR option

Dec 13-17  Self Scheduled exam period

Dec 14-19  Final exam period

Dec 19  Recess Begins (5:00 p.m.)

Jan 3  Grades due from faculty by noon

Jan 4  Fall grades released for students to view online

Winter 2022

Jan 10   First day of Winter Term classes

Jan 12  Last day to add or drop Winter Term course

Jan 17  Martin Luther King Day (no classes)

Feb 4  Winter Term Classes End, Recess Begins (4:15 p.m.)

Feb 5 Celebration for Mid-Year Graduates

Feb 14  Winter Term grades due from faculty by noon

Feb 15  Winter Term grades released for students to view online

Spring 2022

Feb 9  Spring In-Person Orientation begins

Feb 11  Registration for New Students

Feb 14  Spring Term classes begin (8:00 a.m)

Feb 18  Winter Carnival 

Feb 25  Last day to add spring academic courses and last day to drop spring academic courses in Banner

March 18 Spring term Recess Begins (2:45 p.m.)

March 28 Classes Resume (8:00 a.m.)

April 15 Last day to drop Spring courses

April 15  Last day to invoke Pass/D/Fail option; or revoke and return to standard letter grading

April 22  Spring symposium (no classes)

April 26-29  Fall Course Registration

May 3  Fall Add/Drop period begins

May 16  Spring term classes end (2:45 p.m.) Friday class schedule observed

May 18-23 Self Scheduled exam period

May 19-24  Final exam period

May 25  Senior grades due by noon

May 29  Class of 2022 Commencement

May 31  Class of 2020 Commencement

June 3  All spring grades due from faculty by noon

June 6  Spring grades ready for students to view online