Vermont data shows that a high percentage of COVID-19 outbreaks are associated with social gatherings where face coverings are not worn and physical distancing is not maintained. Gathering with others can be done in a way that reduces the spread of COVID-19. Such gatherings consist of people who are wearing face coverings, maintaining physical distancing, and doing so in approved locations. 

State and College restrictions may change throughout the semester based on campus and local health conditions. The campus status web page will have the most up-to-date information on gathering and event sizes.

All campus events, inside and outside, must be approved through the Department of Event Management. In addition to scheduled events, the requirements listed on the campus status web page apply to all student gatherings, whether organized or impromptu. Hosting or attending parties or other gatherings that exceed occupancy or gathering size limits are prohibited for the 2020–21 academic year because such events have been shown to present significant potential risk of viral spread. Any gatherings must follow state and College health requirements.

When indicated on the campus status page, food and drink may be approved for campus events if the event is held outdoors, physical distancing can be maintained, and attendees put face coverings back on as soon as they are done eating. Event hosts are responsible for ensuring health and safety protocols are followed. If physical distancing will be difficult to manage at an event, to-go food items should be considered as an alternative. Event submissions require review and approval by the COVID Event Review Team.

Gathering size requirements apply to students living on campus and students living off campus who are enrolled for on-campus study. Students living off campus and enrolled to study remotely or on leave in Vermont must follow all state of Vermont guidelines regarding household gatherings.