Student Employment

Middlebury is committed to providing opportunities beyond the classroom that encourage learning through student employment. Students may be awarded federal work-study or a College job as part of their financial aid. The pandemic has changed how work is performed, and departments are evaluating which student jobs will be available this spring. Any job performed on or off campus will require specific health and safety training to ensure protocols are followed to reduce possible exposure to COVID-19.

Any job that allows remote work may be performed. On-campus, in-person employment may be approved after completion of arrival quarantine and testing procedures if appropriate based on public health conditions and must follow all protocols for physical distancing, face coverings, and personal protective equipment (if required). In-person student employees will be required to complete a COVID-19 safety training. Managers must ensure strict adherence to all policies in their departments.

Approval of any work off campus in Addison County will be dependent on local health conditions, current travel restrictions, and the type of work. Please refer to the campus status web page for the most current information about off-campus employment.

Student Volunteering, Community-Based Cocurricular Activities, and Community Engagement

Community connections are a vital component of the Middlebury educational experience. While they will look different during the spring term, these connections can remain vital and vibrant. The nature and form of our community-connected learning, work, and play will be determined in alignment with our cautious approach to campus living and learning, and must focus on not only student, faculty, and staff safety but also the safety of community partners and the wider community. No activity that poses an unreasonable risk to the community will be permitted.

Community-connected learning, work, and other activities that can be done remotely are allowed. Any in-person activities on campus, when allowed based on campus health conditions, will require appropriate physical distancing and may be required to be held in outdoor spaces. In-person activities cannot be approved if applicable health and safety requirements cannot be met by all parties in the activity, whether College-affiliated or not.

Approval of any activity off campus in Addison County will be dependent on local health conditions, current travel restrictions, and the type of activity. If off-campus, in-person activities can occur, all students engaged in those activities must follow then-current College and state requirements. Appropriate health and safety requirements must be followed for all participants for the activity to be approved for participation, regardless of College affiliation. Individual students and student groups should fill out the College-Sponsored Off-Campus Travel form on Presence when planning to use College funding or resources for travel, or if you are organizing an activity as part of a College entity.

Please refer to the campus status web page for more information.