Performing arts activities that allow for physical distancing and use of face coverings will be permitted. As during the fall semester, specific planning will be essential for activities such as singing, dancing, playing instruments, and other extracurricular activities. This includes a risk assessment and safety plan. Departmental safety plans, the Student Activities Office, and the Event Management Office will provide guidance to students to adapt their activities to meet health and safety requirements.

All spaces used for the visual and performing arts have been evaluated and assigned a COVID-19 Safety Maximum Occupancy rate to allow students, faculty, and staff to maintain physical distancing. These adjusted occupancy rates are posted for classrooms, studios, labs, critique spaces, and storage rooms for the visual arts and for the classrooms, rehearsal spaces, performance studios, concert hall, screening rooms, theaters, and equipment rooms for the performing arts. Any changes to the maximum capacity of these spaces requires advance approval from Arts Technical Support Services (ATSS) or the Event Management Office.