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Quarterly Checklist for Web Editors

This list is aimed at helping you keep your website up to date and accurate. LIS and the Communications Office have many additional resources available for improving your design and creating a dynamic presentation on your website.

1. First look at your department home page:

  • Review the main text for accuracy and typos.
  • Confirm and/or update contact information.
  • Check the right sidebar to make sure everything is current and accurate.
  • Look at the carousel at the bottom (if you have one) and be sure that it has current, relevant content. You should feel free to delete this element if it’s not helping your site.
  • If you have slide shows or videos on your page, review them and make sure the content is still relevant and not too dated.

2. Click each of the links and sub-links in your left navigation bar:

  • Be sure they link to the correct page.
  • Review the content on each page to be sure it’s current, with special attention to information that may change periodically like directory information, news & events, fee structures etc.
  • If you have departmental or college-wide policies that change annually, please make sure you have the current version listed.

3. Siteimprove Report:

  • If you receive the college’s Siteimprove report, look through to find spelling errors and broken links that need to be fixed.