A community of peacebuilders and changemakers.

Social Media

Projects for Peace is on Instagram and LinkedIn. These spaces are devoted to celebrating Projects for Peace grantees and alumni, and to promoting opportunities in peacebuilding. We’d love you to give us a follow, and say hi when you do. 

Campus Liaisons

If you are a current grantee, or a student from a partner institution interested in proposing a Project for Peace, your campus liaison is the person to talk to.

Campus liaisons are the heart of our Projects for Peace team and are the primary point of contact for students. See the list of current partner institutions here.

Headquarters Staff

If you are a Projects for Peace alum or campus liaison with a programmatic question, please reach out to one of our headquarters staff members below.

The staff at Projects for Peace headquarters cannot respond to student queries. If you are a grantee or prospective applicant, contact the Projects for Peace liaison on your campus.

Betsy Vegso

Director, Projects for Peace

Sarah Messner


Assistant Director, Projects for Peace

Antonio “Naunau” Baker-Medard

Program Coordinator, Projects for Peace

Devin McGrath-Conwell


Digital Media Producer, Projects for Peace