Blue text "Pathways" sits above white text "A Projects for Peace Community Network" on top of a rich purple, orange, and blue scene of a grassy pathway cutting through wildflowers at sunset.

Projects for Peace is happy to announce the creation of Pathways, an online community for members of our global family of peacebuilders and changemakers.

If you are a current grantee, alumnus, or campus liaison who wishes to join Pathways, request a personalized invite by emailing us at

Pathways FAQ


Pathways is a new community network meant to foster connection between all members of the Projects for Peace community.

The network will allow current grantees, alumni, campus liaisons, and Projects for Peace staff to gather all in one place for the first time.


Anyone in the greater Projects for Peace community! If you are currently working on a project, have completed a project, or work on campus for one of our partner institutions, you have a spot waiting for you in Pathways. 


In the last 15 years, just about 2000 Projects for Peace have been implemented around the world by thousands of creative, hard-working, enterprising students.

Pathways provides a space - for the first time - for everyone to come together. Pathways will connect the extended Projects for Peace “family” of current grantees, Project alumni, and campus liaisons.


You should Pathways if you want to…

  • connect with peers engaged in peacebuilding work.
  • find advice about carrying out a current project. 
  • mentor current grantees. 
  • find a mentor for yourself. 
  • access exclusive opportunities for members on the platform. 

And so much more!