2023-24 Past Events

  • Student Panel: "How and Why Democracies Die"

    In the “How Democracies Die” Seminar, we explore democratic backsliding and collapse in different contexts, the main driving forces behind them, and what we can do to stop them. In this all-student panel, students will share their findings from their semester-long research projects on how and why democracies die in different parts of the world.

    Sponsored by the Rohatyn Center for Global Affairs program on Autocracy and Democracy.

    Robert A. Jones '59 Conference Room

    Open to the Public

  • The Master and Margarita

    Directed by Michael Lockshin, ‘The Master and Margarita’ is an adaptation of Mikhail Bulgakov’s classic satire of Stalinist-era Soviet dictatorship. Released in Russia in January 2024, the film has both drawn large audiences and been attacked by pro-Putin Russian nationalist propagandists, who have declared the film anti-regime and called for a criminal investigation into Lockshin. The film is not commercially available outside Russia, but Lockshin will offer a private screening for the Middlebury College community. The screening will be followed by a panel discussion with the director.

    Axinn Center 232

    Closed to the Public

  • Autocracy Rising: Venezuela's Transition to Authoritarianism

    The Rohatyn Center for Global Affairs program on Autocracy and Democracy presents “Autocracy Rising: Transitions to Authoritarianism in Venezuela and Beyond” with Javier Corrales of Amherst college

    Robert A. Jones '59 Conference Room

    Open to the Public

  • Identification, Polarization, and Their Behavioral Consequences.

    The Rohatyn Center for Global Affairs program on Global Economics presents “Identification, Polarization, and Their Behavioral Consequences” with Luca Henkel, Postdoctoral Scholar, University of Chicago and University of CEMA.

    Virtual Middlebury

    Open to the Public

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