After interacting regularly over the course of the academic year, the inaugural cohort of Rohatyn Global Scholars reflected on their learning and shared the following insights:

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“This program has reminded me that because global issues are so complicated, companies, NGOs, governments, and other organizations need people like RGS graduates to solve them.”

“[RGS] has helped to open my mind to issues that I have never even heard or thought of as problems because they had not affected me or my immediate surroundings. In my opinion, that is the definition of a global mindset.”

“Surrounded by a cohort of welcoming and inquisitive peers, many of whom speak multiple languages and are pursuing a variety of majors, I learned not only how to think critically about creating solutions to global issues, but how to engage with the communities around me.

Our actions are all connected, which is why solutions to global issues such as climate change and public health must approach such problems from many, not one, perspectives.”

“I was able to connect [what Trinidadians are doing about deforestation] with my home state of Washington facing wildfires. For the past couple of years, firefighters have been incorporating Native American solutions to slow down fires.

I do see myself as part of the global community, not just because I learned more about issues happening around the world but because now I’m able to approach global issues with a global mindset…”

“Being part of the RGS program… has broadened my understanding of the realities of the world.”

“Aside from allowing me to explore questions and topics that I’m already interested in, this program has allowed me to step outside of my comfort zone.”

“[My] visit to the museum introduced art to me in a different light: it was art… for more than entertainment… [and for] approaching and spreading awareness about global issues.

[RGS] showed me different ways of approaching different world issues [and] educated me on subjects about which I knew nothing.”

“One of the most important skills I have developed as a member of the RGS program is the ability to listen critically.

RGS allowed me to learn new things and reinvigorated my love for learning outside of the classroom.”

“One of the most beautiful things about this program is having students from all different backgrounds.

Whether it’s the language you speak, your major, where you are from, or what experience you have had, every student in this cohort has something to add.”

“[T]he most important aspect of the program that helped me feel part of a global community was the diverse set of people, both in terms of background and academic disciplines.

[Global issues] need people from all disciplines who can think about all sources factoring into a greater problem, who can apply techniques and skills across fields. I can take my degree from Middlebury and the skills mindset developed in RGS to face whatever concentration I want to focus on—head on.”

“The solution-oriented approach towards thinking about global issues will… be something that I take with me in the future. In the face of incredibly daunting issues like climate change, pandemic and global poverty, it is often easy to lose faith that any positive change will occur. However, by thinking in terms of solutions, I can break down big problems into a manageable size, which gives me hope and excitement that the problem might actually be solved.”

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