Fellowship Dinner

Each fall, 8-10 students are selected from the Sophomore and Sophomore Feb classes to form a cohort of diverse students interested in social change. Students can be awarded funding as Fellows (eligible to receive up to $7,000) or Changemakers (eligible to receive up to $1,000) over the course of their time at Middlebury. Grants are subject to taxes.

The SE Fellowship program is designed to:

  1. facilitate observation, reflection, and active engagement inside and outside the classroom; 
  2. raise awareness of the complexities and excitement inherent in social change through exposure to varied opportunities to observe, analyze, and solve social problems; and
  3. provide reflective time to “connect the dots” and learn from failures and successes by sharing insights with the SE Team.

Understanding that each student comes to the Fellowship with their own unique experiences and interests, the Fellowship includes three Fellowship tracks:

  1. pursue research on social impact issues, with guidance from the Faculty Director and Middlebury Faculty
  2. develop ideas for social enterprises during the Fellowship or for after graduating from Middlebury College;
  3. actively engage with established enterprises that work to promote positive social change.