Immediate Safety and Support

If you have experienced sexual misconduct, dating or domestic violence or misconduct, stalking, or related retaliation, there are many resources on the Middlebury campus and in the Town of Middlebury that can offer support, information, and care.

Go to a safe place

Go to your own room, a friend’s room or a colleague’s office, Public Safety, or anywhere you will feel safe.

If safety is an immediate concern you may:

Dial 911
to access police or emergency medical services. You have the option of reporting to the police at any time, and Middlebury will provide assistance if you wish to do so. This option is available regardless of whether you choose to file a complaint with Middlebury. Individuals may request assistance by contacting a Human Relations Officer (“HRO”), the Civil Rights and Title IX Coordinator, or Public Safety.

For information about what to expect when you make a police, report please see Reporting to the Police.

Contact Public Safety (802-443-5911)

Public Safety provides 24-hour emergency response, safety planning, and accommodations, including issuing an emergency campus no contact order, connecting you with the police or medical or counseling professionals, providing transportation to campus or community services (e.g., Porter Medical Center, the Center for Health and Wellness, the Middlebury Police, or WomenSafe), recording an initial report, and facilitaing contact with College officials so that you can receive information about reporting, and academic, residential, or other accommodations. You do not need to disclose the nature of your emergency to receive transportation or to be connected to counseling, medical, or other services.

Call someone you trust

No matter how late it is, you should not be alone. Call a close friend, your roommate, your residential life staff or Commons residence director, MiddSafe Advocate (802-377-0239) (students only) or the WomenSafe Hotline(1-800-388-4205) (all individuals). MiddSafe advocates are Middlebury College students committed to providing a safe and confidential resource for individuals in need of support and information around sexual assault, stalking, dating violence, domestic violence, and other personal violations. WomenSafe offers trained volunteers who can meet with you in person to provide immediate confidential support and information at any time. WomenSafe provides care and support for individuals of all gender identities and sexual orientations.

Please seek immediate medical care

If you may be injured, and/or if you would like to collect possible evidence of an assault, please seek medical care as soon as possible. Even if you do not feel physical pain, you may have internal injuries that cannot be immediately seen or felt. A forensic exam by a trained Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE), pregnancy testing, emergency contraception, and/or testing for HIV and other sexually transmitted illnesses for both men and women are services available at the Health Center on the Middlebury College campus (802-443-5135) and Porter Medical Center, which is located a short distance from Middlebury’s campus at 115 Porter Drive, Middlebury, VT (802-388-4701). For additional information about SANE exams and your medical treatment options, please see Medical Care.

Counseling Support

You can also contact a counselor at the Health Center or the Counseling Service of Addison County. Counselors are confidential resources who can help you sort through your immediate needs, provide emotional support, and help you to connect with other emergency resources. All members of Middlebury’s counseling staff have training and experience with individuals in crisis.

In the case of an emergency after-hours, call the Public Safety Emergency Line (802-443-5911), call the Counseling Service of Addison County (802-388-7641), or go to the Porter Hospital Emergency Room, which is located at 115 Porter Drive, Middlebury, VT. Public Safety can connect you to counseling resources and you don’t need to disclose the nature of your emergency in order to get assistance—you just need to provide a phone number at which you can be reached.

Also, after-hours counseling support is available whenever the Counseling office is closed (evenings and weekends). To reach a counselor directly after-hours, please call 802-443-5141 and follow the voicemail prompts.

To make an appointment with a college counselor during regular business hours, call 802-443-5141 Monday through Friday, 8:15 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

For additional information please see Emotional and Mental Health Care.

If are not sure what you need

If you would like confidential support while exploring your options, consider contacting MiddSafe or WomenSafe. They can provide confidential information and support as you consider your needs, and can help you to connect with campus-based and external resources.

Contacting one or more of the above confidential resources in no way precludes you from choosing to file a complaint later with Middlebury or with the police.

No Contact Orders, No Trespass Notices, and Court Orders

Middlebury can issue No Contact Orders restricting contact between two or more members of the Middlebury community, and No Trespass Notices restricting individuals from Middlebury-owned or -rented property.

Middlebury does not have the authority to issue Relief from Abuse Orders, Orders of Protection or Restraining Orders, as these are granted by the court system. In addition to (or instead of) Middlebury’s No Contact Orders and No Trespass Notices, individuals who are being or who may have been subjected to sexual assault, domestic or dating violence, stalking, and/or related retaliation may pursue Orders of Protection, Restraining Orders, and/or Relief from Abuse Orders from United States courts or courts outside of the United States as applicable. Middlebury will support individuals if they request Middlebury’s assistance with making contact with law enforcement authorities and other external resources to seek such orders. Middlebury will comply with and respect such orders to the extent applicable.

Requests for assistance regarding No Contact Orders, No Trespass Notices or obtaining a lawful court order as described above may be made in person, or via email, phone, or teleconference to the Civil Rights and Title IX Coordinator, HRO, Public Safety staff member or program director. For additional information regarding making reports to the police and/or obtaining an Order of Protection, Restraining Order, or Relief from Abuse Order, see the Domestic Violence Hotline, or Vermont Restraining Orders.

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