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Overview of Review Process: Promotion to Professor

This review normally occurs at least 5 and no more than 10 years after the Tenure Review. 

In the semester preceding the term in which the review occurs:

  • Arrange with your chair an appropriate schedule of classroom visitations over two terms (the term before the review occurs, and the term in which the review occurs).  The chair must visit at least two classes.   Note that all classroom visits must be agreed on in advance by you and the visitors.
  • You have the option of requesting a meeting with your chair to discuss your performance and suggestions for possible improvement; any such meeting should occur before the end of the term in which the visits took place.

Before the start of the semester in which the review occurs:

  • Compile a dossier, as described in the Guidelines section. 
  • Prepare your dossier by the deadline indicated on this page. The items included will be seen by the President, Provost, VPAA, Promotions Committee, your departmental colleagues and chair. If you are contractually obligated to a program, the director of the program will also see the materials.
  • Note that in the case of a review for Promotion to Professor, the dossier may include letters of testimony from department chairs, program directors, colleagues, and/or outside professionals in the field.

Early in the semester in which the review occurs:

  • Arrange a schedule of classroom visits with the chair or the chair’s designate. If there are no current full professors in the department, the Dean for Faculty Development and Research will chair the review.   
  • The Promotions Committee will contact you to schedule an interview between you and one member of the PC.
  • The PC will also contact you to arrange classroom visitations. One or more of the members of the PC will visit your classes as part of this review.

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