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Course Warnings

Dear Colleagues,

We are at an important time of the semester for our students:  late enough that they have received formal feedback from us and know how they are performing in our courses, but still early enough for them to make adjustments and take advantage of supports that can help them succeed.  We can all help mobilize these adjustments and supports by sending a course warning to students who are currently earning a grade of "D" or "F," or whose continued performance might result in a final grade of "D" or "F."  Instructions for sending a course warning can be found below. 

When we send a warning, the student’s commons dean and academic advisor are alerted.  In most cases, the commons dean will have a discussion with the student, notify Learning Resources, make the student aware of available resources, and invite the student in for further follow-up.  For students who receive warnings in more than one course, the dean also notifies students’ parents or guardians. Many students dramatically improve their prospects for a lasting and worthwhile learning experience in the course once these supports are in place.  With the simple task of sending course warnings, we create great opportunities for students to rebound from a difficult start and make a renewed effort to achieve the goals of the course.  


Emily Proctor
Dean of Curriculum


Baishakhi Taylor
Dean of the College

How to send a course warning:

  • Go to the course hub site or go/hub.
  • Log on via "My Semester Dashboard" on the left of the page. 
  • Click “Roster,” which will bring up every student in the course with their Commons affiliation and Commons Dean listed.
  • Select the course warning option.
  • You will then be directed to copy-paste the message body (and possibly the subject and To/CC addresses) into an email.
  • Alternatively, you may still download the Course Warning Form here, and send it to the student and the commons dean.
  • Please include reasons the warning was issued (e.g., poor attendance, low grades on assignments or exams, missing assignments, lack of participation, late work).

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