Accessing Department and Library Photocopiers

All photocopiers on campus should be accessible to Winter Term Visiting Faculty by entering 84748. Certain photocopiers are programmed to use only 4-digit numbers. If this is the case, use 4748. If the access number doesn’t work on your departmental machine, ask your coordinator to contact printer/copier management at extension 5700 to add the code.

Library Photocopiers:
Public Library Copiers are located in:
-Davis Family Library 142
-Davis Family Library 242
-Davis Family Library 303 (printer only)
-Armstrong Library 155

  • Users are required to enter their college ID number (without the leading zeros) OR a college username and password (same as for webmail) to access the system.
  • Full instructions on how to use these photocopiers are posted at each machine.

Remember to press the Logout or Authentication Logout button when you are done so the next users’ copies aren’t charged against your department.


You can find instructions on many of the procedures you will need by pointing your browser to go/litswiki. 

The Helpdesk is also available to assist. Please call them at x2200 with your questions.


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