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Printing From Your Laptop

Using  “Papercut” will allow you to print to a number of available printers on campus from your computer without requiring installation of additional software.  Once in the program, your account balance will be $0.00, and then as you print, that balance will reflect a negative amount. Please don’t be concerned-at the end of the semester, that printing balance will be charged to the Winter Term budget.

First, from your web browser, go to http://go/webprint. Then in the login box, enter your username and password (your username is your e-mail minus the; your password is the same as for e-mail.)

Web Print is a printing solution ideal for printing from your personal computer. This page allows you to upload documents for printing, rather than requiring the print queues to be installed on your system. You will be able to select a printer, choose the number of copies, and select a document to upload. The document will be queued for printing and you can track its status from this page. No client software or driver installation is required. All print jobs processed through Web Print will be duplexed.

To print your document follow these steps:

  1. Select Web Print from menu options on left side of PaperCut screen.
  2. Select the Submit a Job link
  3. Select the printer name from the list provided  (NOTE: When a printer is out of order it does not appear in the list of available printers). 
  4. Select the button at the bottom of the screen labeled: "2. Print Options and Account Selection".
  5. Enter number of copies you would like and then select the button labeled: "3. Upload Document".
  6. Using the Browse button find the document file you wish to print
  7. Select the Upload & Complete button, which sends the document to the printer.
  8. Once Status indicates finished: queued for printing go to your printer's release station.
  9. At the printer, sign into the print release station with your PaperCut account information, locate you print job, and release it to the printer.

Further information is available at:


You can find instructions on many of the procedures you will need by pointing your browser to  The Helpdesk is also available to assist. Please call them at x2200 with your questions.

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