Accessing Course Budgets

Winter Term Budgets:
Visiting instructors have a $250 course enrichment budget, although some courses may have received additional budgeted funds, which were approved during the course review process. The approved budget for your course was listed in the “Registration” letter you received via email from Janis Audet in mid-November. If you do not have a copy of your letter, please contact your Host Department Coordinator or Janis Audet for your approved course budget. Requests for additional funding should be forwarded to Bob Cluss, Dean of Curriculum, at rcluss@middlebury.edu

Budget Code = WTONCA

Activity Code - This code defines the purchase as belonging to a specific individual. Your activity code was listed in the “registration” letter you received via email from Janis Audet in mid-November. If you do not have a copy of your registration letter, your Host Department Coordinator can provide you with that information.

If your course budget includes bringing lecturers or performers to campus, please refer to the following website to make sure that the appropriate paperwork is completed so this person will not experience delay in receiving payment. Your host department coordinator can also assist you with this process. Please do not invite someone to campus if your approved budget does not cover this expense. http://www.middlebury.edu/offices/administration/vpfin/controller/payment/ic

Reimbursements: Visitors usually find it easiest to pay out-of-pocket for most course purchases, and then submit a voucher form for reimbursement. Your Host Department Coordinator can assist you in the completion of this form. Voucher forms for reimbursement should be submitted to Janis Audet in Old Chapel.  Please note that overages of your approved budget may not be reimbursed.

College Store:
Items from the College Store can be charged directly to your budget using the budget code of WTONCA along with your activity code (see information above).

Please note that basic office supplies are available to you from the Host Department Office (pens, pencils, paper) and should not need to be purchased on an individual basis.



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