Student Projects


Marika Ross, Honors Thesis
Nike Advertising and its Gender Implications


Catherine Suppan, Honors Thesis
Achieving Women's Reproductive Freedom in the
20th Century: The Medical Influences that made it Possible

Emmeline Cardozo, Honors Thesis
That the Future May Learn From the Past: Interpreting the History of Colonial Williamsburg


Jessica Bruce, Honors Thesis
"Landscapes mirror and landscapes Matter": Place and Perspective in the Study of Contemporary American Food Conversations

Haik Kavookjian, Honors Thesis
Television's Uncertain Future: The Impact of Online Television Content on the Media Industry and American Culture

Allyson Kirshenbaum, Honors Thesis
Words, Images, and Recollections: Memoirs in the Form of Graphic Novels

Sarah Pickering, Honors Thesis
Psychological and Sexual Politics in Margaret Atwood's
The Handmaid's Tale, A Satirical Portrayal of the Religious Right and Cultural Feminism in the 1980s United States

Alana Wall, Honors Thesis
Transformed but Not Destroyed: Stories of Native Hawaiian Agency in Music, Religion and Marriage

Anne Weinberg, Thesis
Obama and the Re-Imagination of the American Dream


Samuel Dungan, Honors Thesis
Hippie Inc.: Counterculture vs. Capitalism in the Green Mountain State

Thomas Ladeau, Honors Thesis
Speaking for the People: The Effect of Depression Era Radio on the Voices of the Public


Colleen Carroll, Honors Thesis
Race, Space, and the Noose: Lynching from 1890-1930

Grace Waters, Honors Thesis
Liberation and Objectification of Women Through Advertising: How Nike and Reebok Have Attempted to Court the Female Consumer

Georgia Wright-Simmons, Honors Thesis
Mining Bodies for Mixed Messages, Eating Disorders and the Cultural Body in Memoir and Literature

Maria Layman Bourdeau, Honors Thesis
Female Athletes in the Spotlight: Contemporary Representations of Female Athletes in the Media

Harry Morgenthau, Honors Thesis
Winslow Homer's Gulf Stream: A Portrait of Science and Humanity at the End of the Nineteenth Century

DaVia Walker, Honors Thesis
The Effects of Media-Fed Stereotypes on the Individual as Represented by "The Fresh Prince of Bel Aire" and "Everybody Hates Chris"


Ashlee Bird, Honors Thesis
What Makes the Red Man Red: The Figure of the Native American in Modern Literature and Popular Culture

Oonaugh Ziegler, Honors Thesis
Cinema of Representation: A Comparison on Representations of Gender, Race and Disability Between Postwar Era Social Problem Films and Early 21st Century

Alexandra McAtee, Honors Thesis
Pseudonyms and Tumblr: Performing Authenticity and Building Intimate Connections

Program in American Studies

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