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Eric Moody

Assistant Professor of Biology

 work(802) 443-2556
 MBH 327 T & W 10-11:30 AM or by appointment

Research Interests

It has frequently been argued that ecosystem ecology is the branch of ecology most poorly informed by evolutionary thought. Most work in my lab is aimed toward reducing this knowledge gap. We work in aquatic ecosystems from Vermont to Iowa to the Chihuahuan desert and the American tropics.

Daphnia and Harmful Algal Blooms

Daphnia is a genus of grazing zooplankton often identified as a keystone species in lake food webs. We use a variety of approaches from laboratory experiments to whole lake manipulations to study how adaptation to eutrophication in Daphnia alters this keystone role and its consequences for harmful algal bloom formation.

Desert Fishes

The desert may not seem like the ideal place to be a fish, yet several groups of fishes have persisted in the aquatic habitats in arid North America. We study how these fishes survive despite great pressure and what role they play in these incredible ecosystems.

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