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Award Announcement: David Allen & Steve Trombulak

Congratulations to Biology professors David Allen and Steve Trombulak, who have been selected to receive the 2018 Monique and Lester Anderson Endowment for Biosphere Studies Award, designed to support long-term research on the consequences of human action on the biosphere. David and Steve are the first recipients of this Award, which will fund student research assistants, travel, and field and genetic equipment for three years. The award committee was excited to see a team proposal from professors in two fields of study. Their collaboration, and their use of the funding to support undergraduate assistants, represents the best of what Middlebury faculty have to offer one another, our students, scholarship and the greater good of society. 

David and Steve's investigation into the incidence of Lyme disease bacterium in two species of wild mice is both timely and urgent; as they note in their proposal, Lyme disease is quickly becoming a major public health crisis in the eastern United States. The relevance of their research embodies the very spirit and mission of the Monique and Lester Anderson Endowment for Biosphere Studies Fund, as do their plans to close a gap in the current research, incorporate these findings into Steve’s field natural history class, helping students see the myriad connections between vertebrate natural history, public health, and climate change. That the award will allow David to support additional student researchers in his summer lab—an important, real-world learning opportunity for Environmental Studies and Biology majors—is, likewise, a boon to the College and to the scholarly literature regarding this timely topic.  

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