Forms and Worksheets

Practice Budget Worksheet

Work with this before filling out your funding request form.

Research Funding Request Form

This cover sheet plus completed budget forms are due to your advisor no later than Wednesday, September 17, and final forms, signed by your advisor, are due to the department Chair (Grace Spatafora) on Friday, September 19 (Fall 2014).

Vehicle Rentals
If you need to rent a vehicle through the College in order to get to field sites, you may charge the rental cost to your approved budget.

Please follow these instructions, and let Joanna Shipley know that you are submitting vehicle requests
. She will forward the confirmation to you. 

Thesis Declaration Form (Intent to Continue to the Thesis)

Due no later than last day of classes, in the final semester of 0500 or 0700, prior to taking 0701. (For BIOL, MBBC, and ESBI majors working with Biology Faculty.)  Note that this form requires you to identify (and obtain signatures from) two additional faculty to serve on your committee, so do not leave it for the last minute!  Consult with your advisor for ideas about additional committee members. Once signed, the form goes to Joanna Shipley, the Biology Department Coordinator.

Thesis Title Page  (for BIOL and ESBI majors)

Biology and ESBI Majors:
There are three versions of the thesis title page:  one for high honors, one for honors, and one for no honors.  Print out copies* of each version to accompany your final thesis when turning it in to your committee.  (*How many copies depends on how many you will need!  One each for your adviser and committee members, two for the Bio department, and one (or more) for your own personal copies.  Also see "Submitting Your Final Thesis" .)

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