Ordering Your Supplies

Once you have an approved budget, you can begin spending!  

How to order:  Place your supplies orders through Joanna Shipley, the Biology Coordinator.  (If you are in the Spatafora Lab, check with Dr. Spatafora for the current procedure.)  

Fill out the blue "Student Purchase Request Form", which can be found in these places:  1) on the FORMS and WORKSHEETS page of this website, 2) the Biology Common Room (MBH342) towards the top of the forms rack, to the left of the window, and 3) on the main Biology Department bulletin board opposite MBH 343.

The form is generally self-explanatory, but if you have questions about it consult your project adviser.   (Note:  do not fill in the estimated amount at the top of the form - that's for Joanna.)  The forms require your adviser's signature unless your adviser emails it to Joanna.

You may charge multiple funding sources on one request form. 

Place your completed Purchase Request Form in Joanna's mailbox in MBH 342, or if there is something unusual about the order that you'd like to point out, bring the request directly to Joanna in MBH 375 or send it via email.

IMPORTANT:  Plan ahead!  Please allow plenty of lead time for orders to be placed.  And if you wait until the last minute and the order requires rush shipping, remember that additional cost is charged against your budget, leaving less for other supplies. 

Shipping costs:  Shipping costs can vary from "free" to over $40.00.  Heavy items, or items shipping overnight, tend to cost the most.  If the shipping cost for your order was significantly different from your estimate, Joanna will let you know. 

Shipping speed: Depending on what you're ordering, items may ship ground or overnight.  Ground shipping can take up to 7 days from the West Coast.  Please keep all this in mind when you're choosing the "I need this by" date on your request form!

Deliveries:  Our Stockroom Manager, Beth Eliason, will arrange to have your order delivered to the room you specify on your Purchase Request. (All orders are shipped to your adviser's attention. The Stockroom doesn't accept deliveries for students.)  If your order doesn't arrive by the date you specified, feel free to check with Beth or with Joanna.  Sometimes items end up back-ordered and the companies don't tell us!  If there are any errors with your order, notify Joanna immediately so she can contact the company.

Keep track of your spending:  You're expected to keep track of, and stay within your budget(s).  If you have multiple sources of funding, it's especially important you keep good records. 

Circumstances when you would not go through Joanna:
With rare exception you should purchase your supplies through the Bio Department, however if you have to pay for something out of pocket, you may request reimbursement.  If the expense is from your Biology budget (or LCRC, Sigma Xi, or Beck Funds), submit a (yellow) Student Reimbursement Request to Joanna, along with your original receipt.  These forms are found on the main Biology bulletin board across from MBH 343.   If the expense is to come from your Senior Research Project Supplement, submit your receipt to Colleen Norden, URO, in Davis Library (details are on the URO website).

If you have any questions not covered here, please check with your adviser or Joanna!

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