Turning in your Final Thesis

For Biology / ESBI / MBB majors with biology advisers

(Neuroscience thesis students: please visit the Neuroscience Independent Study and Senior Thesis web pages for instructions.)

Reserving a room for your thesis defense:
See the website under “Reserving a Room” for instructions.   Suggested rooms:  MBH 631, 148, 430, 331.  (Note: MBH 555  is only available to schedule through Chemistry.)

Turning in your thesis:  Once your final thesis revisions have been approved by your committee, print final copies of your thesis for the Department, your adviser, and your committee members should they want a copy. 

By NOON on the last day of exams, you need to have completed the following:

  • Print copies* of your final thesis
  • Print copies of the three versions of the title page (1 of each version - see examples on website) unless your adviser instructs you otherwise.
  • Obtain signatures of your committee members on all three versions of the title page.
  • Turn in at least four copies of your final thesis along with all title pages to Joanna (MBH 375)

        Send the following information via email to Joanna (shipley@middlebury.edu):

  • If your thesis title is over 60 characters including spaces, send Joanna an abbreviated title that is no more than 60 characters long (including punctuation and spaces). This is for the spine of the clothbound copy only.
  • Your home mailingaddress to send your personal bound copy  (allow 4-8 weeks).

FORMAT:  (check with your adviser for any format preferences.  Below are general guidelines):

- Title Pages:  See examples under "Forms and Worksheets" 
- Margins:  For clothbound copies, The bindery trims up to .5”, on all four sides.  Generally one-inch margins are fine for all copies, including the cloth-bound copy.
- Set the line spacing to be 1.5 for all sections except the Bibliography, which can be single-spaced.
- Print the copies of your final thesis double-sided (see exceptions below).
- Start all new sections on a new page: Abstract, Intro, Methods and Materials, Results, Discussion, Bibliography, Appendices. These are still double-sided, but each section should start on the right hand page.
- Charts, graphs, and photos should be single-sided (although not necessary if they are embedded within text).

 How many copies do you need to print?   

 Probably at least four, maybe more:
- One for the Bio Department Thesis Cabinet (will be clothbound)
- One for the Library Archives (not to be confused with the digital archives)
- One personal copy for you -- clothbound at no charge.
- One for your Thesis Adviser (you may give it to him/her directly, or to Joanna)

Plus any additional copies:
- Do your committee members want copies?   If so, paper, or electronic?
- Do you want any additional personal copies clothbound?  If so, the cost is $14 each.

Theses to be clothbound are sent to a bindery in Boston.  It takes 1-2 months to get them back, at which time we’ll mail the bound thesis to you.

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