Current Thesis Topics

 The effectiveness of buckwheat as a cover crop: effects on soil nutrients, mycorrhizal spore populations, and subsequent crop yields  (Vera Chan, BIOL 2016)

Using next-generation sequencing to profile chromatin heterogeneity in virulent yeast (Alison Cook, MBBC 2016)

Characterizing Protein-Protein Interactions of Ring Finger Protein 212 during DNA Recombination (Samantha Horn, MBBC 2016)

Effect of Testosterone and Age on Spatial Memory and BDNF Levels in Male Rats (Erin Miller, NSCI 2016)

The microbiome of the deer-tick, Ixodes scapularis, in Western Vermont (Carter Merenstein, MBBC, 2016)

Evaluating spatial and temporal patterns of Bishop pine (Pinus muricata) mortality on Santa Cruz Island, California (Annalise Taylor, BIOL 2016)

Towards a Biosensor for Lyme Borreliosis Using Toehold Riboswitches (John Desmarais, MBBC 2016)

In Vitro Analysis of Optogenetic Synaptic Vesicle Acidification (Lucas Pomerance, MBBC 2016)

The Expression and Characterization of FN3KRP: a deglycating enzyme (Ethan Strayer, BIOL 2016)


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