Current Thesis Topics

An amino acid triad in the Streptococcus mutans SloR protein and its role in SloR-mediated repression of sloABC transcription

Effect of glyphosate on furanocoumarin production in wild parsnip (pastinaca sativa):  interplant rhizosphere translocation in ecological and agricultural contexts

A new model for SloR:SRE binding: Mutational analysis of the SloR recognition element

The effect of aquatic macrophyte structure on visitations of vermont temperate lake fish.

Influences of feather structure and carotenoid pigmentation on sexual dichromatism in the ultraviolet spectrum among passerines

Can endophytes in apple trees decrease scab damage by a fungal disease (Venturia inaequalis)?

Characterizing SloR-SRE binding in S. mutans: A minimalist approach


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