The Biology Department invites nominations for the Charles B. Allen Memorial Prize, the Elbert C. Cole '15 Memorial Fund Prize, and the Janet C. Curry '49 Science Honors Award. Nominations are made by faculty.

Charles B. Allen Memorial Prize

In memory of "Corky" Allen '62. Awarded to the senior who has excelled in the fields of biology, chemistry, and/or physics, and who by participation in athletics and other student activities has contributed to the spirit of Middlebury College.

Nominees must be seniors, majoring in biology, chemistry, physics, or a field in which these disciplines play a central role, and who have excelled in one or more sports at Middlebury College.

Recent winners

Kevin O'Rourke (MBBC) '09

Andrew W. Harries (MBBC) '08

Jennifer Higgins (CHEM) '07

Elbert C. Cole 15 Memorial Fund Prize

This prize is awarded to a junior or senior life science major who has shown an outstanding performance in biology courses and who aspires to incorporate teaching or research in the life sciences into their future career(s). It was established by Dr. Cole's family and friends to honor a Middlebury alum who was also a gifted teacher (Professor of Biology at Williams College for 32 years). Dr. Cole was also a Trustee of Middlebury College for 30 years.

Nominees must be juniors or seniors, majoring in biology or a field in which biology plays a central role, and who plans a career in biology or a biologically-related field, including biology teaching.

Recent Winners

Jeff Cloutier (MBBC) '09

Carey Nichols (BIOL) '08

Dekker Deacon (MBBC) '07

Janet C. Curry '49 Award in Biological Sciences

This prize was established in 1977 by Janet C. Curry '49. It is awarded to a senior woman working for honors in the sciences with first preference to senior women seeking honors in the biological science.

Nominees must be senior women who are working toward honors in a science discipline.

Recent Winners

Anne C. Onishi (BIOL) '09

QiaQia Wu (BIOL) '08

Karen Stahlheber (BIOL/ESBI) '07

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