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African Studies Minor

Professors: Armelle Crouzieres-Ingenthron (French), Jacob Tropp (History), Michael Sheridan (Anthropology); Associate Professors: Nadia Horning (Political Science), Damascus Kafumbe (Music); Assistant Professors: Obie Porteous (Economics), Natasha Ngaiza (Film and Media Culture); GIS Teaching Fellow: Niwaeli Kimambo (Geography)

This program offers a minor in African Studies to students who complete the following requirements:

(1) Two of the following courses which focus primarily on Africa:

DANC 0163 From Africa to America: Moving from Our Core
ECON 0234 Economics of Africa
ECON 0327 Economic Development in Africa
FMMC 0224 African Cinema
FREN 0395 Women's Voices from the Francophone World
FREN 0396 (Re) Constructing Identities in Francophone Colonial and Postcolonial Fiction
FREN 0398 Children and Civil War in Francophone African Literature
FREN/PSCI 0399 Of Power & Pen: Francophone Africa
FREN 0492 Denunciation and Literature: The Awakening of the Maghreb
FYSE 1247 Everyday Life in South Africa, 1948-Present
FYSE 1545 African Musical Lifestyles
GEOG 0351 Remote Sensing & Land Use in Sub-Saharan Africa
HIST 0113 History of Africa to 1800
HIST 0114 History of Modern Africa
HIST 0315 Health and Healing in African History
HIST 0317 South Africa in the World
HIST 0375 Struggles in Southern Africa
HIST 0441 Readings in African History: Environmental History of Africa
HIST 0442 Popular Culture and History in Africa
HIST/GSFS 0443 Readings in African History: Women and Gender in African History
INTD 1152 Introduction to Swahili and East African Cultures
MUSC 0236 African Soundscapes
MUSC 0244 African Music and Dance Performance
IGST/PSCI0428 Dictators and Democrats
PSCI 0321 Anglophone Vs. Francophone Africa (CW)
PSCI 0202 African Politics
PSCI 0431 African Government
ANTH 0232 Anthropology of Continuity and Change in Sub-Saharan Africa

(2) Two additional courses, either chosen from group (1) above or from the following courses, which include significant materials on Africa and/or the African Diaspora. When given the option to pursue independent research projects in these courses, students are expected to choose Africa-related topics to contribute to their minor:

ANTH 0211 Human Ecology
ANTH 0468 Success and Failure in Global Health and Development Projects
ANTH 0340 The Anthropology of Human Rights
ANTH/RELI 0353 Islam in Practice: Anthropology of Muslim Cultures
ECON 0328 Economics of Global Health
ECON 0352 Structuralist Macroeconomics: Theory and Policy for Developing Countries
ECON 0415 Macroeconomics of Development
ECON 0466 Environment and Development
ECON 0425 Seminar on Economic Development
ECON 0465 Special Topics in Environmental Economics
FREN 0394 Black and Beur Expression
HIST 0105 The Atlantic World: 1492-1900
HIST 0109 History of Islam and the Middle East, Since 1453
HIST 0225 African American History
HIST 0263 Religion and Politics in Islamic History
HIST 0427 Diaspora and Exile
HIST/GSFS 0438 Readings in Middle Eastern History: Women and Islam
INTD 0257 Global Health
MUSC 1066 The History of the American Negro Spiritual
PGSE 0330 Aesthetics of Urban Poverty in Literature, Film, and Music
PGSE 0375 Colonial Discourse and the "Lusophone World"
PSCI 0209 Local Green Politics
PSCI 0258 The Politics of International Humanitarian Action
PSCI 0330 Comparative Development Strategies
RELI 0150 The Islamic Tradition
RELI 0272 African American Religious History
RELI 0359 Issues in Islamic Law and Ethics: Questions of Life and Death

*Courses offered during the winter term may apply to the minor.

(3) One advanced seminar course (0300- or 0400-level, depending on the department), or a relevant, independent 0500-level project (at the discretion of the program director).
Other courses offered during the fall, winter, or spring terms, or at affiliated institutions abroad, may be substituted for the above listed courses at the discretion of the program director. As a general rule, no more than one course from a study abroad program will be counted towards the fulfillment of the minor.