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South Asian Studies Minor

Professor: Cynthia Packert; Ian Barrow (history); Sujata Moorti (gender, sexuality, and feminist studies); William Waldron (religion); Associate Professor: Yumna Siddiqi (English and American Studies); Other affiliated faculty: Febe Armanios (history), Jeffrey Lunstead (diplomat in residence, international and global studies); Ellen Oxfeld (sociology and anthropology)


This program offers a minor in South Asian Studies to students who complete the following requirements:

(1) Two of the following core courses which focus primarily on South Asia or the religions of South Asia:

ENAM 0270 Postcolonial Literature: 20th-Century South Asia
ENAM 0310 Postcolonial Studies and Politics
HARC 0227 Poetry, Piety & Power: Indian Painting 1200-Present
HIST 0238 Modern Sri Lanka
HIST 0239 Modern India
HIST 0429 Gandhi
IGST 0250 International Diplomacy and Modern South Asia
RELI 0140 Hindu Traditions of India
RELI 0150 The Islamic Tradition
RELI 0220 Buddhist Traditions in India
RELI 0224 Tibetan Tantric Traditions
RELI 0391 Seminar on Women and Religion (when offered as Goddesses of South Asia)
Winter term East India Company

(2) Two courses, chosen from group 1 (above) or from the following courses, which include significant course materials on South Asia or Islam:

HARC 0102 Monuments and Ideas in Asian Art
HARC 0204 Approaches to Islamic Art
HIST 0108 The Early History of Islam and the Middle East
HIST 0109 The History of Islam and the Middle East
IGST 0449 Imperialism and Culture
RELI 0120 Intro to Asian Religions
RELI 0255 Islam in the Modern World
RELI 0320 Seminar in Buddhist Philosophy
WAGS/ FMMC 0347 Remote Control: Global TV Culture

(3) One advanced, relevant 0400-level course (including those listed above in group 1) or an independent 0500-level project.

NOTE: Other courses offered during the fall and spring semesters, or during the winter term, or at universities in South Asia, may substitute for courses in category 2 at the discretion of the program director. The director or minor adviser will also approve courses to count in category 3.

There are many possibilities for study at universities in South Asia. Contact the Office of Off-Campus Study for details.