If You Are Opting Out for Winter Term

You Still Must Participate in Winter Term Registration

What Counts toward Winter Term Credit?
Students are required to earn Middlebury credits during at least two winter terms. All first-year students must be in residence and enrolled in a Winter Term course their first Winter Term at Middlebury.  This includes both February 2016 and September 2016 matriculates. The second credit may be earned by enrolling in a Winter Term course, a credit-bearing independent project, a credit-bearing internship, or by studying abroad and earning winter term equivalent credit. A minimum of two Winter Term and a maximum of four Winter Term and Summer Study course credits, combined, will count toward the graduation requirement of 36 course credits.  Even if you opt out of Winter Term, you must still complete 36 course credits before you graduate.

How will the College know if I am “opting out” of Winter Term?
Students who elect not to participate in Winter Term MUST still participate in Winter Term registration by enrolling in the following No-Credit, “Opt-Out” option (CRN: 10450).

Note: Students participating on a Middlebury College Winter Team Sport MUST be enrolled in an academic credit-bearing course during Winter Term!


 You must register for the following CRN:

 CRN: 10450  WNTR 0000   No-Credit Not On Campus Winter

Students registering for this No-Credit option will not receive academic credit during winter term, and will not be eligible to remain on campus. This option is not available to students who are participating in their first winter term, i.e., students who entered Middlebury in the Spring or Fall 2016. Questions concerning this No-Credit option should be directed, via email, to registrar@middlebury.edu

*** Students who are not earning credit during Winter Term
MUST register for this No-Credit option.
All students are expected to participate in Winter Term registration!

Can I Stay on Campus?
Unregistered students and students registered for this “Opt-Out” course may not remain on campus during the winter term session. To remain on campus, you must be registered in an academic credit-bearing course by November 15.

For residential details, please contact Karin Hall Kolts, Residential Systems Coordinator at x3301. Further details are also available at http://www.middlebury.edu/offices/health/publicsafety/services/Keys and go/roomchange.

What If I’m Waiting for Independent Project or Internship Approval?
Register, Register, Register!  If you are waiting for approval on a proposed independent project or internship, register for a Winter Term course in case the proposal is denied. If your independent project or internship is approved after the BannerWeb registration period has ended, you will then need to submit an add card to the Registrar’s Office for the internship or independent project section that is assigned to the advisor of your project. If your internship is approved, a designee from Center for Careers and Internships (CCI) will sign your add card which you will then submit to the Registrar’s Office.  The Registrar’s Office will drop you from the course for which you initially registered, creating a space for another interested student.