Frequently Asked Questions

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How do the majors in Classics and Classical Studies differ?

Both majors involve a combination of language and classical civilization courses. In Classics, however, students take ten courses in two languages and fewer Classical civilization courses; in Classical Studies, students take a minimum of four classes in just one language and a greater number of Classical civilization courses. The senior work for both majors is the same.

What do I need to do to pursue a graduate degree in Classics?

Please consult with any member of the Classics Department.

What careers do Classics and Classical Studies majors pursue after graduating?

Our majors use their degrees to pursue careers in a surprisingly wide range of fields. Click here to learn about what our graduates do.

How large are our classes?

Our language courses usually have anywhere from 2 students (advanced classes) to 20 in the January term introductory course. Our lecture course enrollments range from 20 to 45 students; our seminars from 3-15 students.

How are language courses sequenced?

We stagger our Greek, Latin, and Biblical Hebrew sequences, so that in one year there may be first, third, and fifth year Latin, but second and fourth year Greek and Biblical Hebrew.

How do I place into Greek, Hebrew, and Latin language courses?

For Greek, there is no placement exam. Please see the instructor of the course in which you are interested.

For Latin, a placement exam is administered usually at the beginning of each school year. Please contact Professor Randall Ganiban if you have questions about the placement exam.

For placement in Biblical Hebrew courses, please contact Professor Robert Schine.

Can I get a course credit from my AP Latin exam?

If you scored a 4 or 5 on the AP Latin exam, you must complete a Latin course (LATN 0201 or higher) with a grade of B or better to receive credit towards graduation (not the major). Note that no more than one course credit will be granted, whether the student presents one or two AP exams.


What books are in the Eve Adler Reading Room?

A full catalog can be found here.

What do I need to do to become a secondary school Latin teacher?

See the Secondary School teaching links here and the courses offered by the Education Studies Department. As always, please consult with faculty in the Classics Department.

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