All 2014-15 Events

September 17: Parchment Making Workshop with Jesse Meyer of Pergamena

October 16: Cosmopolitanism and Patriotism in Roman Political Thought, 4:30 Abernethy Room

October 23: “Time,” “Cause,” and Meaning in Greek and Jewish Historical Writing, 4:30 Axinn 229

October 24: marathon reading of the Aeneid, steps of the Davis Family Library

All 2013-14 Events

September 25: Stephen Grimm (Fordham University) "What is Wisdom"

October 5: Bus trip to the Museum of Science in Boston to see the exhibit, 'Dead Sea Scrolls: Life in Ancient Times'

October 10: George W.M. Harrison (Johns Hopkins, PhD) "Roman Tragedy and the Octavia"

October 11-13: marathon reading of Homer's Iliad

November 14: Robert Miola (Loyola University in Baltimore) "'Wrying but a little?' Myths of Revenge and Forgiveness in Shakespeare"

December 4: Saturnalia 7:30 at 51 Main

February 25: Classics Colloquium Dinner at Ross Commons

March 6: Pieter Broucke (History of Art)  "Black Figure, Red Figure—Go Figure! Ancient Greek Pottery at Middlebury"

March 18: Cynthia Bannon (Indiana University, Bloomington) "Roman Water Ways"

May 8: department barbecue on lawn outside Twilight

All 2012-2013 Events

October 5-7: marathon reading of Ovid's Metamorphoses

October 10: Matter and Memory Lecture Series in the History of Art False Friends: Context, Connoisseurship and the History of Roman Art by Elizabeth Marlowe, Assistant Professor, Colgate University

October 27: Vermont Classical Language Association annual meeting

November 28: Saturnalia gathering at 51 Main

February 20: Ian M Sutherland, Visiting Associate Professor, Department of Classics, Villa Arianna - Aristocratic Roman villa on the Bay of Naples.

Mar 16 Ancient Roman Water Rights and Commons Theory Cynthia Bannon, 10:45 am Robert A. Jones '59 House Conference Room

Mar 18 To whom does Solon speak? Rebecca Irwin, 4:30 Axinn 229

Apr 4 Reading a Classic Robert Connor, 4:30 Axinn 229

Apr 5 37th Annual Vermont Latin Day, Patrick Gymnasium UVM

Apr 15 Where's the Past? Jane Chaplin, 4:30 Twilight Auditorium

Apr 16 Augustine's Memory in a Pixilated Age Lisa Freinkel, 7:30 MBH 220

Apr 17 Statius’ Achilleid: an epic experiment in cross-dressing and intertextuality Randall Ganiban and Pavlos Sfyroeras, 4:30 Hillcrest

Apr 24 College  What it Was, Is, and Should Be Andrew Delbanco, 4:30 Dana

All 2011-2012 Events

October 14-16: Marathon Reading of Homer's Odyssey.

November 1: The Politics of Freedom in Rome: Caesar and Augustus as Liberators?  A lecture by Kurt A. Raaflaub, Brown University

November 17: Classical archaeology; the Villa Arianna, a noble Roman villa at Stabiae on the Bay of Naples in Italy. A lecture by Prof. R. Lindley Vann, from the University of Maryland

November 30: Saturnalia at 51 Main

February 21: From Gilgamesh to GenesisA lecture by David Damrosch the Ernest Bernbaum Professor of Comparative Literature at Harvard University

April 11: The Cause of the Trojan War: The Humanity of the Stranger in Homer's Iliad and Odyssey by Marc Witkin

April 27: Speculating in Unreal Estate: "The World of Plautus's Mostellaria" a lecture by Prof. Niall Slater of Emory University.

May 3: "Reading Virgil in the Nineteenth Century: From Berlioz to Tennyson" a lecture by Richard Thomas, Professor of Greek and Latin, Harvard University

May 14: Annual BBQ on the lawn of Twilight

All 2010-2011 Events

September 30: Beginning of year gathering for majors and minors.

October 8-10: Marathon Reading of Virgil's Aeneid.

October 29: Lecture on Euripides' Hecuba by Prof. Justina Gregory, Smith College.

October 30: Symposium on Euripides' Hecuba.

November 18-21: Euripides' Hecuba, a production by the Theatre department.

All 2009-2010 Events

October 2-4: Marathon Reading of Homer’s Iliad.

October 9: University of Edinburgh School of History, Classics and Archaeology on-campus presentation.

November 14: Behind the Scenes of HBO’s Rome. A presentation by director Stephen Shill, historical advisor Jonathan Stamp, and actor Michael Nardone.

January 13: Material Matters: Cultural Contexts of Classical Archaeology. A lecture by Prof. Ian Sutherland, Gallaudet University and ICCS-Sicily.

January 14: Neoclassicism and the Notion of Classical Architecture. A gallery talk by Prof. Pieter Broucke, Middlebury College.

February 18: The Idyll, the Ideal, and the Real: The Rediscovery of Greek Architecture and Its Consequences in the 18th and 19th Centuries. A lecture by Prof. Frank Salmon, Cambridge University.

February 24: The Man Who Came Between Augustus and Livy: Portrait of an Epitomator. A lecture by Prof. Jane Chaplin, Middlebury College.

March 9: Ovid’s Metamorphoses and the History of Art. A lecture by Prof. Paul Barolsky, University of Virginia.

March 11: Recent Acquisitions in Ancient Art at the Middlebury College Museum of Art. A gallery talk by Prof. Pieter Broucke, Middlebury College.

April 18: The Twenty-Second Annual Hannah A. Quint Lectureship in Jewish Studies. A lecture by Prof. James Kugel, Harvard University.


Prof. Marc Witkin with Christopher Pelling, Regius Professor of Greek, Christ Church, Oxford University. Prof. Pelling visited Middlebury to deliver a lecture on Plutarch and Shakespeare.

Prof. Marc Witkin with Christopher Pelling, Regius Professor of Greek, Christ Church, Oxford University. Prof. Pelling visited Middlebury to deliver a lecture on Plutarch and Shakespeare.