Student & Faculty Research

Students and faculty in the computer science department are very active in research. There are numerous new and ongoing student-faculty research projects, independent projects, and group projects. Students present their work at different research forums, both on-campus and off-campus, and there are several faculty research projects with active student participation.

Current on-going faculty research projects involving regular student participation include:


Computer science students have also been very successful in programming competitions. Click here for more details.


Poster contest

Students in the Computer Science Department  participate in poster sessions for the sciences at Middlebury. At a recent poster session for student research assistants, Bevan Barton '10 (above center) and Ling Fang '09 (right) are shown with their professor, Timothy Huang, at the display that describes their project. Bevan and Ling developed a computer program to play the ancient strategy game of Go. At the poster session, Bevan and Ling demonstrated a working version of their program so other students could play Go against a computer. (Currently, the best computer programs play at the level of a good club player.)