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Improvisation Composition

May 11, Thursday 
Mahaney Center for the Arts, Dance Theatre

Set 1- 4:30 Advanced Improvisation Final Showing

                  dance/music works

Set 2- 7:00 The Pantet

                  music/dance works with
                  special guests Franz Hautinger and Isabelle Duthoit

An ensemble of dancers and musicians demonstrates the ability to compose engaging and coherent pieces “in the moment” after a semester-long study of improvisation as a performing art. Directed by Lida Winfield and Michael Chorney. Sponsored by the Dance Program. Free

Photo: Alan Kimara Dixon

From Africa to the Americas

Student Dance performance
May 11, Thursday
10:00 AM Mahney Center for the Arts Dance Theatre

Students in Christal Brown’s Spring Term class, From Africa to the Americas (DANC0163), perform traditional works from Guinea taught by guest artist Simbo Camara and contemporary choreography that incorporates styles from West Africa and Central and South America. This course emphasizes the influence of traditions from the African Diaspora on contemporary modern dance and American culture.

Sponsored by the Dance Program. Free

From the Womb to the Moon to the Womb

Thesis work of Lorena Neira '17

May 10, Wednesday 

9:45pm meet at the MCA plaza, walk as a group to Otter Creek (15 min)
call 802.443.6433 with accessibility questions

Lorena’s performance under the light of the full moon encapsulates her research on collective movement rituals, inspired by her studies with Causanacunchic, an Andean folkloric dance group from Cuenca, Ecuador. Sponsored by the Dance Program. Free

Photo: Alan Kimara Dixon

Artwork: Sibia María Inay Ortega

FacePlant: Advanced Beginning Dance Final Showing

May 10, Wednesday
4:30 PM, Mahaney Center for the Arts, Dance Theatre

A “lightly produced” showing of dance experiments emerging from the Advanced Beginning course, facilitated by Visiting Artist in Residence Gabriel Forestieri. Free

Us Happening: Senior Thesis Dance Concert

May 5–6, Friday–Saturday

Us Happening: Senior Thesis Dance Concert by Mandy Kimm ’17, Vladimir Kremenovic ’17, Amanda Lorena Neira ’17, and Andrew Pester ’17

8:00 PM each evening, Mahaney Center for the Arts, Dance Theatre

Senior dance majors researching choreography and performance examine the intersection of contemporary choreography with their varied additional disciplines to create an evening as diverse and layered as their intellectual pursuits. Sponsored by the Dance ProgramTickets: Public $12, College ID holders $10, Students $6; on sale April 17

Andrew Pester ’17, Mandy Kimm ’17, Lorena Neira ’17; Vladimir Kremanovic '17, photos by Alan Kimara Dixon


April 29-30, Saturday-Sunday
8:00 PM each evening, Natatorium, Peterson Family Athletics Complex

Artist in Residence Gabriel Forestieri, along with Loren Kiyoshi Dempster (Composer) & Adrian Jevicki (Writer/Visual Artist), transform Middlebury’s Natatorium with Breathe, a multidisciplinary performance event. The project is a multi-disciplinary water opera that combines song, movement, light, dance, water, music, and text. A live feed both underwater and on the deck displays to the board above the pool. A travelling choir mixes with a soundscape composed directly from the space itself, using contact microphones both out of and in the pool. The entire Natatorium transforms into an interactive installation that plays on dimensions of air, water, and light, blending these possibilities of sound, space, and perspective. The cast is a mix of athletes, performers, and professionals contributing to an unconventional performance with many surprises. Sponsored by the Department of Theatre and Dance, The Department of Music, The Johnson Visual Arts Residency Program Fund, and the Middlebury Natatorium.Tickets: Public $12, College ID holders $10, Students $6; on sale April 10.

Architecture of Enjoyment

A master class with Adrian Jevicki

for those interested in architecture, theatre, and dance

April 28, Friday

4:30 PM Mahaney Center for the Arts Room 109


Assuming that architecture and performance are both engaged in a practice of "production of space", this class is an examination of human play as a primary and reliable bridge between mental/philosophical, narrative space and practiced, social reality. Using children's toys, games, ensemble theatrical techniques, and the writings of French philosopher Henri Lefebvre as structuring guides, students will be asked to inhabit spaces where feeling, intellect and sensation freely intermingle. Students should be prepared to move bodies, draw motion, shape space, write sound, and answer the unknowable in an effort to create full, positive enjoyment of a collaboratively created environment. Free. Sponsored by the Dance Program

 Adrian Jevicki is a Brooklyn based dance, theater, performance and video artist and an educator. Internationally, he has worked with the Kyoto based Kyoryukan, a theater collective that creates original works mixing puppetry and dancetheater under the direction of Peter Golightly. Locally, he has performed with such groups and artists as Pablo Helguera, Angie Eng, Angie Waller, Jamal Jackson, Collision Theory, (in)Parantheses Theater Company, Jill Samuels, Erica Fae, Elke Rindfliesch, Glass Contraption, Gabriel Forestieri (projectLimb), Rachel Cohen (RaCoCo Productions), Olek, and others. He has presented his original, collaboratively devised performance work at venues throughout New York City including: Touch, Microscope, apexart, Small Black Door, Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn Public Library, chashama, HATCH, Dixon Place, BAX, Spoke the Hub, Triskelion Arts, The Tank, The Brick, Irondale Center, Mary Anthony Dance Theater and nationally at University of Chicago and Trinity College. He received his MFA from Brooklyn College's Performance and Interactive Media Arts program.

Butoh as Creative Process

Master Class l
ed by Michael J. Morris in
Lida Winfield's Creative Process class

April 19, Wednesday
2:50-4:05 PM Mahaney Center for the Arts
Dance Theater

This workshop will provide an introduction to butoh as a resource for creative process, specifically for accessing potentially unfamiliar and unexamined physical possibilities. Butoh is a postmodern Japanese dance form that emerged from the work of Kazuo Ohno and Tatsumi Hijikata in the 1950s. Working from a series of images, tasks, and scores, this practice invites participants to experiment with a range of sensory modes and body schemas, destabilizing static perceptions of what a body can mean and bringing the body to the edges of what it has been. No previous dance experience is necessary. Free and open to the public.


Image: Michael J. Morris by Megan Leigh Barnard

Movement Matters: Two Years in Process

April 20, Thursday
6:00 PM, Mahaney Center for the Arts, Dance Theatre

Join Maree ReMalia, Movement Matters Andrew W. Mellon Interdisciplinary Choreographer, and her cross-disciplinary collaborators to learn about discoveries made through practices of embodied learning and the scope of activities that have taken place during a two-year residency. Enjoy an informal sharing through text, movement, archival media, and more, followed by a celebratory reception. Free

Photo Alejandra Chavez

Long Gone

April 13, Thursday
4:30 PM, Mahaney Center for the Arts, Dance Theatre

Lida Winfield, Visiting Lecturer in Dance, and Ellen Smith Ahern ‘05 have been collaborating since 2010. In this lecture/demonstration they will show excerpts of Long Gone, a duet which weaves dance and spoken word to celebrate heartfelt, funny and irreverent memories of those long gone and explores how our dead continue to live and evolve through memory and imagination. Passionate about making dance an open dialogue between performers and audiences, Ellen and Lida will discuss their creative process, welcome questions and perform excerpts.  Sponsored by the Dance Program. Free

Photo: Marek Procházka

Make America Dance Again

Thursday, April 13
7:00 PM Mahaney Center for the Arts
Dance Theatre

Community Movement Event

Join us for this community movement event that is facilitated by the entire dance faculty. All bodies, backgrounds, and abilities welcome. No dance experience necessary. FREE

Image credit: Keith Haring

Ellen Smith Ahern ’05 Master Class

April 12, Wednesday
4:30 PM, Mahaney Center for the Arts, Dance Theatre

Ellen Smith Ahern grew up dancing in Illinois. She came east to earn her BA in Dance at Middlebury College ’05, where she studied with Penny Campbell, Amy Chavasse, Andrea Olsen, and Peter Schmitz. Since then she has worked with many artists, including Jane Comfort & Company, Kate Elias, Polly Motley, El Circo Contemporaneo, Tiffany Rhynard’s Big APE, David Appel, and her duet partner Lida Winfield. Ellen has toured throughout Mexico, Cuba, Qatar, Europe and the USA. With grant support from The Field, The VT Arts Council, The Flynn Center and The National Endowment for the Arts, she has shown her work in venues such as Bates Dance Festival, Dixon Place, Danspace/St. Mark’s Church, The Flynn Theater, The Ionion Center of Kefalonia, and The Rococo Theatre in Prague. Based now in Connecticut, she continues to choreograph, teach and perform as an independent artist. Please visit

Photo: Marek Procházka

Dr. Krista Miranda, Carol Rifelj Faculty Lecture Series

April 12, Wednesday

Dr. Krista Miranda, Carol Rifelj Faculty Lecture Series: ‘I wasn’t made to click. But with you I Click. We. Click.’: Constructing the Prosthetic Body in Claire Cunningham’s Dance Theater
4:30 PM, The Orchard (Hillcrest 103)

In 2013, Scottish dance-theater artist Claire Cunningham, partnered by a collection of crutches scattered across the stage—like some-time body parts, or discarded lovers—choreographed a depiction of bodily life, love, and sex by crafting a lover out of her crutches in Ménage à Trois. Employing Cunningham’s Ménage à Trois as a starting point, this lecture explores how the body, exemplified by Cunningham’s prosthetic body, is a malleable assemblage of both self and other shaped discursively through sex, love, history, and one’s variable capacities over time.  In a series of text-based vignettes and movement-based duets, Cunningham and San Francisco-based dance-theater artist Jess Curtis, in their 2016 work The Way You Look (at me) Tonight, explore how embodied being is characterized by our entanglement with one another. Drawing on phenomenological concepts of perception—Curtis and Cunningham exemplify what Margarit Schildrick, in Dangerous Discourses of Disability, Subjectivity and Sexuality (2012), calls the “profound interconnectivity of embodied social relations” (14). Although sex is a particularly intensified form of bodily contact loaded with flesh, fluid, affect, and ideologically, “intercorporeality,” which Schildrick describes as “a mutual crossing of boundaries that enacts the very means through which embodied subjects are both constituted, and undone” (23), is not specific to sexual contact. From a performance studies perspective, this lecture explores both the explicit and implicit performances of intercorporeality via the prosthetic body in The Way You Look (at me) Tonight and Cunningham’s 2015 solo work Guide Gods.

Image: SvenHagolani

Faculty Dance Concert

April 6, Thursday
8:00 PM, Mahaney Center for the Arts, Dance Theatre

One night only! The Dance Program spotlights samples of faculty choreography, featuring works by Christal Brown, Gabriel Forestieri, Scotty Hardwig, Krista Miranda, Maree ReMalia, and Lida Winfield. Tickets: Public $12, College ID holders $10, Students $6; on sale March 20

Clockwise from top left: Christal Brown, photo Alan Kimara Dixon; Scotty Hardwig, photo Alan Kimara Dixon; Lida Winfield, photo Alan Kimara Dixon; Gabriel Forestieri, photo Corey Melton; Maree ReMalia, photo Alan Kimara Dixon

Advanced Improvisation showing

March 20, Monday 
8:00 PM, Mahaney Center for the Arts, Dance Studio, Room 109

This informal showing demonstrates the research undertaken by the Advanced Improvisation course, directed by Lida Winfield and Michael Chorney.  Sponsored by the Dance Program. Free

photo: Alan Kimara Dixon

Maree ReMalia | merrygogo

MareeReMalia-photoReneeRosensteel (2).png

March 17–18, Friday–Saturday
8:00 PM, Mahaney Center for the Arts, Dance Theatre

Join Maree ReMalia | merrygogo for The Ubiquitous Mass of Us, an evening-length, escalating journey where nine performers from across artistic disciplines question the bounds of their identities. Moving in and around the set designed by visual artist Blaine Siegel, they explore the way they take up space. Watch them bare a broad range of physicality and newly discovered expressions to an original soundscore by David Bernabo. For all ages, seasoned performance goers, and those new to the theater. Sponsored by the Performing Arts Series, Andrew W. Mellon Foundation/Movement Matters Program, and the Dance Program. The show is approximately 50 minutes without an intermission. Tickets: Public $20, College ID holders $15, Students $6. On sale to PASS members Sept. 8*; on sale to Middlebury ID card holders Sept. 12; on sale to the general public Sept. 15. *PASS Preview Party Sept. 7.

The Ubiquitous Mass of Us, 2014, photo Renee Rosensteel

Gaga Movement Language Residency further details

Gaga/dancer and Repertory Workshop

February 20, Monday, 4:30–7:00 PM

February 21, Tuesday, 4:30–7:00 PM

February 22, Wednesday, 6:00–8:30 PM

February 23, Thursday, 4:30–7:00 PM

February 24, Friday, 12:30–3:00 PM

MCA Dance Theatre

Israel-based independent choreographer and former Batsheva dancer Noa Zuk is offering this intensive workshop inviting intermediate-advanced dancers to dive into the Gaga Movement Language and learn excerpts from her repertory. Registration and participation in all sessions required. Priority registration for Middlebury ID card holders. Register at go/zuk.


February 22, Wednesday

Gaga/people Master Class

12:30–1:30 PM, MCA Dance Theatre

Come and join Ohad Fishof, artist, musician, and long term collaborator
of Batsheva Dance Company, for Gaga People Master Classes that
are open to the public. People of all ages and movement backgrounds are encouraged to attend this movement exploration which links imagery with sensation. Free.


February 24, Friday

Gaga/people Master Class and Open Rehearsal

12:30–2:00 PM (class) and 1:30–3:00 PM (rehearsal), MCA Dance Theatre

Come and join Ohad Fishof, artist, musician, and long term collaborator
of Batsheva Dance Company, for Gaga People Master Classes that are open to the public. People of all ages and movement backgrounds are encouraged to attend this movement exploration which links imagery with sensation. Afterwards, observe Noa Zuk and workshop participants rehearse her repertory in the culmination of the week-long workshop.  Free.

Learn more at


February 25, Saturday

Gaga Movement Language Residency Lecture/Demonstration

7:30 PM, MCA Dance Theatre

Noa Zuk and Ohad Fishof share excerpts from their collaborative work as well as their insights as internationally recognized choreographers working in Israel. Free.

Learn more at

Gaga Movement Launguage Residency

February 20-25

Noa Zuk and Ohad Fishof are collaborative artists based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Together, they have been commissioned to set choreographic works and participate in artistic residencies across Europe, Israel, Russia, the US and Singapore in professional and academic settings. They are both certified instructors of Ohad Naharin’s innovative training method, the Gaga movement language, which has recently gained worldwide recognition as a practice for both dancers and those without previous dance experience. Their Middlebury visit is a student-initiated Rothrock residency spearheaded by Andrew Pester ’17 and Mandy Kimm ’17. This residency is supported by the Rothrock Family Fund for Experiential Learning in the Performing Arts, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation/Movement Matters Residency, Committee on the Arts, Director of the Arts Discretionary Fund, Hebrew Department, Living Dance, Middlebury College Activities Board, Dance Program, Music Department, and Rohatyn Center for Global Affairs.

Photo: Ohad Fishof

Final Showing from “Interdisciplinary Storytelling: Silent and Spoken, Movement and Stillness”

February 1, Wednesday
7:00 PM, Mahaney Center for the Arts, Dance Theatre

Participants in this course facilitated by Lida Winfield share the results of their explorations with movement and narrative. Through improvisation and structure, they create stories through body and voice in order to look at, create, tell, and share personal stories as well as those of others'. Sponsored by the Program in Dance. Free

Final Showing from “Collaboration in the Arts: The Creative Process Continues”

February 1, Wednesday
4:30 PM, Wright Memorial Theatre

What happens when a musician dances, a choreographer writes, a microbiologist makes a sculpture?

Participants in this course facilitated by Maree ReMalia and collaborators from the Hatch
Arts Collective, present their research findings. They consider how stretching across artistic and academic disciplines helps us acknowledge and embrace difference and reveal information across our many, intersecting identities. Sponsored by the Program in Dance. Free

Dance Company of Middlebury: Border / Zones

January 27–28, Friday–Saturday
8:00 PM each evening, Mahaney Center for the Arts, Dance Theatre

Border / Zones culminates the two-semester creative process of the Dance Company of Middlebury (DCM), guided by artistic director Scotty Hardwig. This concert centers on themes of boundaries and borders between nations, people, and ideas, and was produced as part of an international collaboration with Mexican choreographers Omar Carrum and Claudia Lavista, who are both dancers, co-artistic directors, and choreographers of the renowned professional company Delfos Danza Contemporanea, as well as co-directors and teachers at the Mazatlán Professional School of Contemporary Dance (EPDM). Hardwig has created a new work, “sun breaks down”, in collaboration with the student company, and the evening will also feature a renowned repertory work by Carrum and Lavista, entitled “Dulce Silencio (Entorno).” This performance follows a premiere at the historic Ángela Peralta Theatre in Mazatlán, Mexico, culminating the company’s two-week residency at the Mazatlan Professional School of Contemporary Dance (EPDM). Both events feature student dancers from each institution. Sponsored by the Dance ProgramCommittee on the Arts, and the Center for Social EntrepreneurshipTickets: Public $12, College ID holders $10, Students $6; on sale January 9

Informal showing of MAREE REMALIA & HYUNJUNG LEE’s E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. as part of the Fridays at the Museum series

January 20, Friday
12:15 PM, Mahaney Center for the Arts Dance Theatre

e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. is a collage of a duet created by Korean movement artist HyunJung Lee and American dance artist Maree ReMalia. Their abstract expressions reflect their experiences and discussions grappling with acknowledging, becoming, belonging, persevering, suffering, mourning, coping, and celebrating.

Maree ReMalia | merrygogo and ChudaChudaHyun are the artists’ platforms for creating collaborative, project-based performance works with communities of shifting collaborators. They work with individuals across a range of identities, abilities, and disciplines with the intention of honoring and showcasing the particularities of the people with whom they are creating and bringing unlikely groups together. Their dances have been presented in Israel, South Korea, and the United States. Together they co-facilitate Gaga classes, improvisation, and repertory in professional, academic, and community settings with dance professionals and youth, college students, and adults of all ages who are in training and also newcomers to dance. Sponsored by The Program in Dance. Free

“In Search of Air: Growing Up Dyslexic” performed by Lida Winfield

January 19, Thursday
12:00 PM, Mahaney Center for the Arts Dance Theatre

In this dance/theater performance based on her experience growing up with a learning disability; dancer, choreographer, and spoken word artist Lida Winfield shares the gifts and heartache that accompanied her struggle to learn to read—which did not occur until her early twenties. This show is a mixture of funny, sad and ironic moments strung together in a creative and captivating format.

Lida is an accomplished dancer, choreographer, and spoken word artist who creates dances that are quirky, provocative, and physically honest. Since 2006 she has created original solo, duet, and group work; merging storytelling, dance, and visual art to create captivating and poignant performances that have taken place on and off the stage. Her art and her choreography are creations which tell stories, ask questions, explore limits, and celebrate beauty in what is awkward, raw, and vulnerable. Lida has traveled nationally and internationally as a performer and educator working with diverse populations in conventional and unconventional settings. In 2011 she earned a Master of Fine Arts in Interdisciplinary Arts from Goddard College with a focus on the transformative power of the expressive arts. Currently Lida is a Visiting Lecturer in the Dance Program at Middlebury College. Sponsored by the Program in Dance. Free

Informal showing from “Interdisciplinary Storytelling: Silent and Spoken, Movement and Stillness"

January 18, Wednesday
7:00 PM, Mahaney Center for the Arts Dance Theatre

Participants in this course facilitated by Lida Winfield share stories through movement and narrative, allowing and encouraging them to build bridges between each other and contribute to the growth of community. Sponsored by the Program in Dance. Free

DCM Works in Progress Showing

December 8, Thursday
5:00 PM, Mahaney Center for the Arts, Dance Theatre

The Dance Company of Middlebury presents excerpts from Border / Zones, under development for performance in January. Free.

Master Class with Lela Aisha Jones

Wednesday, November 9th
4:30 pm, MCA 110, Mahaney Center for the Arts Dance Theatre

Lela Aisha Jones is a movement performance artist that has come to understand dance as an “archival practice” and her body “as an artistic archive—a creative storage space for movement and culture derived from the individual and collective lived experiences of blackness.”  Working with nationally and internationally renowned artists, including  Sulley Imoro (Ghana), Nia Love (U.S.), Anssumane Silla (Guinea Bissau) and Jawole Willa Jo Zollar of Urban Bush Women (U.S.) have been some of her most influential experiences in the field of dance. Lela is a 2015 Leeway Transformation Awardee and a 2016 Pew Fellow in the Arts. Sponsored by the Dance Program. Free

Taking Flight

abstracted painting of figures on colored background by Kandinsky
December 15, Thursday
7:00 PM, Mahaney Center for the Arts, Dance Theatre

A “lightly produced” showing of dance experiments by the new batch of choreographers emerging from the Improvisational Practices course, facilitated by Lida Winfield. Free.

Fall Dance Concert

FallDanceConcert-Paloma McGregor in Building a Better Fishtrap (2013) photo by Charles R. Berenguer Jr..jpg

December 2–3, Friday–Saturday
8:00 PM each evening, Mahaney Center for the Arts, Dance Theatre

This night of new dance works showcases the choreography of emerging student dance artists at the intermediate and advanced levels, and the annual Newcomers’ Piece, choreographed this year by Gabriel Forestieri. This dynamic evening of ideas in motion is directed by Forestieri and Paloma McGregor in collaboration with the choreographers. Sponsored by the Dance Program. Tickets: Public $12, College ID holders $10, Students $6; on sale November 14

Paloma McGregor, photo Charles R. Berenguer Jr.

Roots of Movement performance moved to MCA lobby

Friday, October 28 | 3pm

Free and Open to the Public

*Rain location Lower Lobby MCA

Join collaborators from the Roots of Movement project for an informal performance and pizza at Middlebury College Organic Farm! The collaborators will perform their reflective explorations drawing upon their creative research considering body, movement, land, place, and sustainability. Modes of inquiry informing the work include interviews conducted with farmers in the U.S. and abroad, participation in creative residencies and workshops at art farms in Vermont and Oregon, and sharing meals and dialogue with entrepreneurs and directors of nonprofit organizations who connect the arts and work with the land. Following the performance, stay to talk with the artists and enjoy warm beverages and pizza made in the farm’s new oven!

Roots of Movement is a creative research project conducted during summer and fall 2016. The project was brought to life by Middlebury dance majors Miguel Castillo ’17.5, Mandy Kimm ‘17, Lorena Neira ‘17, Andrew Pester ‘17, Otto Pierce ‘16, and Andrew W. Mellon Interdisciplinary

 Choreographer, Maree ReMalia.

Sponsored by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation/Movement Matters Residency, Environmental Council of Middlebury College, MiddChallenge, and Middlebury College Farm. Special thank you HiiHlights (Astoria, OR), The Sable Project (Stockbridge, VT), and Water in the Desert/Prior Day Farm (Portland, OR) for hosting creative residencies; Caleb Barber and Deirdre Heekin/La Garagista (VT), The Fable Brothers (VT), Vertigo (Israel) and additional individuals who participated in interviews; and to Shannon Bohler, Christal Brown, Sophie Esser Calvi, Christa Clifford, Michaela Davico, Jay Leshinsky, Silvina López Barrera, Jennifer Ponder, and Missey Thompson and team for creative and administrative support.

Breakdance/Original Hip hop Dance Presentation Styles

Thursday, October 27
4:30-6:00 pm, MCA 110, Mahaney Center for the Arts Dance Theatre

In conjunction with the exhibition Post Pop: Prints of Keith Haring, Rokafella—pioneering feminist breakdancer, co-founder of Full Circle Productions, and faculty member at The New School and Peridance Capezio Center, NY—discusses the rise of hip hop and the culture of New York’s dance clubs from the time of Haring to the present. Sponsored by the Middlebury College Museum of Art and the Dance Program.

Ana ROKAFELLA Garcia: Breakdance/Original Hip Hop Dance Master Class

Wednesday, October 26
4:30-6:00 pm, MCA 110, Mahaney Center for the Arts Dance Theatre

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from Ana ROKAFELLA Garcia.  She is a pioneering feminist breakdancer, co-founder of Full Circle Productions, and faculty member at The New School and Peridance Capezio Center in New York. Free

Dance Lunch

October 20, Thursday
12:30-1:20 pm, MCA 110, Mahaney Center for the Arts, Dance Theatre (Lunch provided)

Mark your calendars now for the first dance lunch, a gathering for any student interested in the dance program. We will discuss upcoming happenings on campus as well as opportunities to see and present work around the state.  Please submit additional conversation topic suggestions to

Middlebury Motion Capture Lab: Open House + Lecture Demonstration

Friday, October 7: 10:00-11:00am
Mahaney Center for the Arts Dance Theatre

wireframe drawing of a skeletonPlease join us for the inaugural event of the newly established Middlebury Motion Capture Lab, with open house and lecture demonstration with dance professor and MoCap lab director Scotty Hardwig. This event will introduce the basics of the technology and software of motion capture data, avatar design, and more. The Midd MoCap Lab will be open for proposals for faculty and student research projects starting this semester. Sponsored by the Dance Program and the Fund for Innovation. Free. 

More information at: go/MoCap

Press release

Clifford Symposium 2016 Fully Present: The Art and Science of Mindful Engagement

Selected events:

September 23, Friday

Noon–1:30 p.m., Wilson Hall
Lunch and Panel Discussion
“Mindfulness in Performance” 
with Erin Quinn, Andrea Olsen, Nükhet Kardam, and Bob Hansen 

1:40–2:30 p.m., Wilson Hall
Panel Discussion
“Mindfulness in Students’ Lives”
with Barbara McCall, Mandy Kimm, and Beatrijs “Bea” Kuijpers, Naomi Eisenberg, Eli Susman

Saturday, September 24

8:30–10 a.m.
Practice Samplers at Mahaney Center for the Arts
Participants are encouraged to try 25-minute introductions to a variety of contemplative practices:

  • Yoga with Jennifer Neil
  • Aikido with Linda White
  • Tai Chi with Sue Driscoll
  • Modern Qi Gong video practice with Lee Holden, led by Andrea Olsen and Nükhet Kardam
  • Walking and Being Earth with Marc Lapin
  • Sitting Meditation with Chessy Kelley

11:30 a.m.–noon
Movement Matters: Mindful Inquiry Through Movement
with Maree ReMalia
Mahaney Center for the Arts Dance Theater (room 110)

Full Schedule

Open Rehearsal with Omar Carrum

September 21, Wednesday

4:30-6:30 PM

Guest artist Omar Carrum holds the last rehearsal of his residency with the Dance Compnay of Middlebury. Observers are welcome.

Syncopated Ladies: Live

September 16, Friday
7:00 PM, McCullough Student Center, Wilson Hall

Exclusively for Middlebury College ID card holders: Syncopated Ladies: Live features some of today's hottest leading ladies in tap dance, bringing you an electrifying and inspiring concert experience where fierce footwork meets a cutting edge, feminine style. “They killed it”!--Beyonce. Sponsored by the Rothrock Family Fund for Experiential Learning in the Performing Arts. Approximate running time: 90 minutes. Free

Contemporary master class, 10:00-11:30am, MCA 110, Dance Theatre

Tap master class, 1:30-2:30 pm, McCullough Student Center, Wilson Hall


September 15, Thursday
7:00 PM Mahaney Center for the Arts, Dance Theatre

Advanced student choreographers audition dancers for the annual Fall Dance Concert (December 2-3), which includes the 2016 Newcomers’ Piece, directed by Gabriel Forestieri. 

Dancers chosen for performance must attend a minimum of two approved technique classes consistently each week in order to be eligible to perform in program-sponsored events. Taking class supports the development of artistry, technical range, and performance skill. The Newcomers’ Piece is open to anyone who has not yet performed in a dance program-sponsored concert.

Artist Talk with Omar Carrum

Thursday, September 15, 12:30-1:20pm, MCA 110, Dance Theatre

Over the next two weeks, the Dance Program is tremendously lucky to host guest artist Omar Carrum, a founding member of Delfos Danza Contemporánea, the premiere contemporary dance company in México, and educational director of the Escuela profesional de danza de Mazatlán. Omar will speak about his work with Delfos and his work as the director of the EPDM within the context of artistic movements in contemporary dance in México. Omar is in residence at Middlebury from September 8-22 teaching movement workshops and creating a new choreographic work for the Dance Company of Middlebury in collaboration with company director Scotty Hardwig for the 2016-17 season and subsequent company tour to Mazatlán, México. This artist talk is free and open to the public.

Register Now for the Fall 2016 Pre-semester workshop with Omar Carrum

fall 16 presemester omar carrum.pngAnnouncing Our 2016 Pre-Semester Workshop Artist : OMAR CARRUM

Pre-Semester Workshop Dates:  September 8-10th, 2016

The Dance Theatre

Register through Michaela Davico no later than Friday, May 20th

Omar Carrum

(Academic Director EPDM, Dancer, Choreographer for Delfos Danza)

In 1998 Omar Carrum helped to create the Escuela Profesional de Danza de Mazatlán (Mazatlán Professional School of Dance), which has emerged as one of the leading dance conservatories in Mexico and Latin America. In 2007 he became the school’s Academic Director. Omar studied at the Ema Pulido Dance School. In 1992 he was a founding member of Delfos Danza Contemporánea, where he continues his career as a dancer and choreographer. He has been a featured performer in over sixty works of dance, theater and opera, working with an international roster of choreographers and performing in some of the world’s most well-known and respected theaters and festivals for dance. In 2000 he received the award for the Best Male Dancer at the 21st Annual National Choreographic Competition. In 2002 he received First Prize at the 23rd annual National Choreographic Competition. His choreography has been presented at major international venues and festivals for dance in America, Latin America, Asia and Europe. In 2007 he was invited as an International Guest Artist at the 25th Anniversary of the Bates Dance Festival. In 2009 he received a Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes (FONCA) scholarship for Scenic Creator with Outstanding Trajectory. He became the first Mexican choreographer to receive the Guggenheim Fellowship in 2009.


Information about the Escuela Nacional de Danza de Mazatlan (EPDM):

 Since 1998 Delfos has run the Mazatlán Professional School of Dance (EPDM), a Bachelor of Arts degree program in contemporary dance that attracts students from Mexico and other parts of the world.  The curriculum provides students with excellent contemporary dance education training and  emphasizes an integrated arts education including dance history, visual arts, music, literature, stage production and anatomy, striving to instill in students a holistic approach to their art.  EPDM regularly hosts guest artists and teachers from throughout the world to connect students to the global dance community.  Students are encouraged in their professional development to not only to become excellent dancers but choreographers and creators, cultivating and developing new audiences for dance and new dance communities. Graduates of the school have spawned contemporary dance companies throughout Mexico.


About Delfos Danza (the professional company-in-residence at the EPDM):

 Delfos Danza Contemporanea is Mexico’s premiere contemporary dance company and ranks among the best companies in Latin America both artistically and as leaders in the field.  Delfos is a world class company based in Mazatlán, Mexico which inspires audiences, students and communities with outstanding performances and in-depth residencies. Their performances evoke emotion and introspection embodied by their physical grace, athleticism and vibrance. Celebrating twenty plus years, Delfos Danza Contemporanea tours throughout the world, creating enduring relationships wherever they go, seeking opportunities for collaboration and exchange and passionately committed to dance education.

Delfos Danza Contemporanea was founded in 1992 by Mexican choreographers/dancers Claudia Lavista and Victor Manuel Ruiz in Mexico City.  In 1996 we moved  to Mazatlán, México with the vision of creating dynamic new works as well as developing a professional training program for contemporary dancers.  The company is a unique collective of artists whose creative vision is characterized by fluid physicality and poetic narratives.

Delfos is a company and a school with a mission built upon the essential elements of creativity, education, dialogue and collaboration.  We are also a  group of artists and educators interested in generating new ideas, new approaches, new forms and projects.  Delfos Danza Contemporanea is interested in participating with other artists, companies and choreographers in artistic endeavors and partnerships.  We are attracted to the edge of our art form and all the possibilities that exist when we push our boundaries.  We believe in the power of dance and art, which gives balance to our community, our society and the world in which we live.

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