Butoh: Triality of Dark, Light, & Self with Julian Barnett

April 23, Monday

4:00-5:30PM, Mahaney Center for the Arts, Dance Theatre

Butoh is an internationally recognized physical art-form that embodies Japanese post-war expressionism. Founded by Tatsumi Hijikata and Kazuo Ohno in the late 1950’s Tokyo, Japan, Butoh has evolved and spawned a multitude of definitions, aesthetics, and artists. This workshop will attempt to unpack philosophical and practical implications of Butoh and support its practice as a means for deeper ontology, cultural understanding, and artistic expression. Rooted in the body, this workshop will focus on the corporeal experience as well as imagery as a cultivator of sensation, movement, state, and performance. The workshop will be a safe space for vulnerability, curiosity, vitality, inclusivity, and discourse. Class will be accompanied by visiting musician Kenta Nagai. Free and open to ALL ages and experience and co-sponsored by the Japanese Studies Department.

Circulating Touch: a Qi Gong based Master Class with Melanie Maar

April 24, Tuesday

4:30 PM, Mahaney Center for the Arts, Dance Theatre

This class brings principles of the Chinese 5 element system in relationship to somatic and improvisational approaches. We will spend time ‘feeling one self’, as in exploring one’s personal way of simply ‘being’.

How do we relate to each other, to touch, to energy, to mind, to form, to space and to movement from there? Exercises like the Swimming Dragon, Energetic Organ Touch and following a shared pressure point in partner movement are offered to cultivate individual movement intuition and activate the energetic qualities we each are innately drawn to. These explorations can bring more awareness, skill, trust and curiosity to the experience of the various anatomical, energetic, psychological, temporal and ecological realms which we constantly move in and out of - especially as dance people.

Free and open to the public.

VISIT, A showing with Julian Barnett, Melanie Maar, and Kenta Nagai

April 24, Tuesday

7:00 PM, Mahaney Center for the Arts, Dance Theatre

A showing of collaborative work with Julian Barnett (Artist in Residence) Melanie Maar (Movement Matters Artist) and Kenta Nagai (Japanese Musician/Composer). Having overlapped and melded within the New York and international dance field for over 15 years, Visit seizes upon the opportunity for collaborative performance and a shared interest in phenomenal bodies, fluid cultures, and vulnerable structures.

Free and open to the public and co-sponsored with the Japanese Studies Program.  

Movement Matters Workshop: The Interspecies Dance with Karima Borni

April 28, Saturday

12:00 - 4:00 PM (Meet Van at Mahaney Center for the Arts)

In this workshop we will explore how embodied communication with equines informs our movement choices and cultivates heightened spatial awareness and clarity of corporeal presence. In the process we will build both our physical listening and decisive leadership skills. No prior horse experience necessary and all levels of movers welcome (this workshop is on the ground only – no riding involved). Due to limited space this workshop is open only to the Middlebury College community. Participation is free but pre-registration is required to reserve a spot: please contact kborni@middlebury.edu.

Reimagine What Has Been: Senior Thesis Dance Concert

May 4-5, Friday–Saturday

8:00 PM each evening, Mahaney Center for the Arts, Dance Theatre

Reimagine What Has Been presents exploratory works choreographed by Deborah Leedy, Matea Mills-Andruk and Asia Myles-Funches. The concert centers on the theme of fractured memory and the process of remembering through connection to land, community, and faith. Driven by unique lived experiences grounded in spirituality, community, and personal narrative, their pieces raise important questions about the complex interactions between the lived and embodied, creating a new space for past and present history and experiences. Each choreographer, in collaboration with technical director Jennifer Ponder, will present works that probe the audience’s creative mind and offer a re-imagining of a time, a world, a story.

Sponsored by the Dance Program.

Tickets: $15 Public/$12 Middlebury ID holders/$8 Youth 18 and under/$6 Middlebury students; on sale April 16.

Gesturing Refugees: An artistic collaboration with Syrian & Palestinian refugee dancers

Global Contemporary Dance Showing

May 7, Monday

4:30 PM, Mahaney Center for the Arts, Dance Theatre

“The performance intends to archive latent stories of refugeehood using the bodies of refugee artists and the audience as the main archive, while playing with other archive material, testimonies and imagination. The archives will include present, past and even future stories of refugeehood to try and interrogate collective responsibility and find bridges between the past and present of the West. The re-enactment, transformation and deformation of the alternative and personal memories of refugees by refugee artists will allow the re-appropriation of the narrative of refugeehood and develop a collective gestural identity that might challenge that of passive victimhood to which refugees are often subjected.”

 - Farah Saleh, dancer-choreographer and artistic director

A presentation of movement and research emerging from the Global Contemporary dance course, facilitated by Karima Borni.

Free and open to the public.

Advanced Beginning Dance Showing

May 9, Wednesday

4:30 PM, Mahaney Center for the Arts, Dance Theatre

A “lightly produced” showing of dance experiments by the new batch of choreographers emerging from the Advanced Beginning course, facilitated by Julian Barnett. Free and open to the public.

AUDITIONS for The Dance Company of Middlebury

Saturday May 12, 2018

10-11:30am, Mahaney Center for the Arts, Dance Theatre

Warrior Work: Show Up. Tell the Truth.

The Dance Company of Middlebury, directed by Lida Winfield, is looking for dedicated, brave dancers for an interdisciplinary collaboration. Be ready to dig deep, contribute to creative ideas, and use your strong voices as well as bodies. We will learn to teach and perform in a variety of communities, using dance as a platform for personal truth-telling and bridge building. No need to prepare anything ahead of time, please show up ready to dance.

Contact Lida Winfield with any questions. lwinfield@middlebury.edu


Students must be on campus for pre-semester rehearsal Sept. 7-9. Class meets Fall semester Mon-Thurs 4:30-6:30pm as well as Winter 2019, where travel will take place. Credit is available either fall or winter term.

The Moonfish and the Knife

Friday, May 11, 2018 - 8:00 PM
Saturday, May 12, 2018 - 8:00 PM
Saturday, May 12, 2018 - 10:00 PM

Mahaney Center for the Arts, Dance Theatre

The Moonfish and The Knife is a dance-theatre piece inspired by the letters that the painter Salvador Dalí and the poet and playwright Federico García Lorca wrote to one another. Dali and Lorca shaped each other’s lives, each influencing the other in a dialog full of poetry, philosophy, sensuality, politics, and life. This piece invites the audience to journey through the imagination of these two artists, and discover the nuances of their erotic and tragic love. Miguel A. Castillo’s Senior 700 work in Directing and Choreography. A Dance Program and Theatre Department event.

Tickets: $15 Public/$12 Middlebury ID holders/$8 Youth 18 and under/$6 Middlebury students; on sale April 23.

Improvisation Composition

May 10, Thursday

4:30PM, Mahaney Center for the Arts, Dance Theatre

Set 1: Advanced Improvisation Final Showing

   Dance/music works (DANC 461)

      Instigated by Lida Winfield and Michael Chorney

Set 2: Collaborative Improvisation

   All-arts ensemble (MUSC 245)

      Instigated by Matthew Taylor

Free and open to the public.

Looking Deeper: A Contemporary Dance Intensive for Advanced Improvisors with Susan Sgorbati

May 13, Sunday

12:00-4:00 PM, Mahaney Center for the Arts, Dance Theatre

These intensives support and strengthen improvisation technique tools—both in performance and creation—for the community of advanced improvisers/contemporary dance-makers. Discounts available for multiple classes. Co-presented with FlynnArts. Register: www.flynncenter.org/education

Movement Matters: Improvisation Laboratory with Lida Winfield

May 12, Saturday

12:00-4:00 PM, Mahaney Center for the Arts, Dance Theatre

These intensives focus on improvisation skills and relationships to the self, others, and the elements of space and time. All experience levels welcome. Discounts available for multiple classes.

Co-presented with FlynnArts. Register: www.flynncenter.org/education

Movement Matters Workshop: Personal Poetics with Julian Barnett

March 3, Saturday

12:00-2:00 PM, Mahaney Center for the Arts, Studio 109

Over the last few years, I have been busy exploring the intersections between the voice and body, language and movement, meaning and abstraction, form and content. The workshop will place these areas of research within the context of performing, through the lens of practice. What happens first? What motivates one or the other? What are we talking and moving about? What are the possibilities? What is at stake? I'm interested in the mechanisms that fuse these components together, ultimately shaping a personal subjectivity and materiality that can cultivate a type of performativity. With this workshop, I'll share specific methodologies that prioritize modes of perpetuation and seek to build practical bridges between the voice and body, honing spaces for discovery, choice and personal poetics. Free and open to the public.


Feb 23-24, Friday-Saturday

8:00 PM each night, FlynnSpace at the Flynn Center in Burlington

Mixing dance, theater, storytelling, video, and an original score, Lida Winfield’s Imaginary explores perception, the imagination, and the factors that shape our potential, our reality, and our world. Does what we imagine affect our potential and reality? What is pretend? At a critical juncture for our country, Imaginary sifts through facts, allegations, and possibilities, bringing together the creative capacities of five amazing dance artists—Winfield, Laurel Jenkins, Ellen Smith Ahern, Joseph Hall, and Maree ReMalia. This interdisciplinary full-length performance has received the National Performance Network's Creation and Development Support in partnership with The Flynn Center for the Performing Arts, Jacob’s Pillow, Middlebury College, and The Yard. Tickets, $30, available at www.flynntix.org.

Spring Auditions for the Faculty Concert


Feb 13, Tuesday

7:00 PM, Mahaney Center for the Arts, Dance Theatre

Faculty members Julian Barnett, Karima Borni, Christal Brown, Laurel Jenkins, and Lida Winfield are seeking student collaborators to create work for a performance on April 19. All experience levels welcome, come dressed to move.

Welcome Back Dinner Before Auditions

February 13, Tuesday

6:00PM, Mahaney Center for the Arts, Dance Theatre

The dance program provides pizza and salad for this informal gathering offering an opportunity to socialize and catch up as a community. Free. Let us know you will attend by contacting dance@middlebury.edu

Interdisciplinary Movement with Lida Winfield

November 4, Saturday

12:00-2:00 PM, Mahaney Center for the Arts, Dance Theatre

Calling all Poets, Spoken Word Artists, Singers, Musicians, Dancers, Storytellers and the Shy Performer!

Come together to share, create, and collaborate in an interdisciplinary workshop. Using improvisation and structure in a variety of formats, we will explore different ways of creating, and working as a group and in solos. In a supportive environment, we will examine how objects, music, exercises, games and collaboration affect how we create and see each other. All ages, sizes and abilities welcome. www.lidawinfield.com


Sept 14, Thursday

Bandaloop  Master Class

10:00-11:30 AM Mahaney Center for the Arts, Studio 109

A pioneer in vertical performance, BANDALOOP seamlessly weaves dynamic physicality, intricate choreography, and the art of climbing to turn the dance floor on its side. In this class in the studio and outside, Bandaloop dancers will cast the fundamentals of technique, partnering, and composition in a surprising space; come and be site-reactive with us. Sign up here

Presented as part of the Kevin P. Mahaney ’84 Center for the Arts 25th anniversary season. For full sponsorship and residency details: go/bandaloop

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