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CRN: 11383

Scenarios for Teaching Writing
Scenarios for Teaching Writing
The purpose of this course is for students to understand how composition, reflective practice, and inquiry-based learning come together in K-12 education in both the classroom and online. Theoretical approaches to the teaching of writing will be put into practice in lesson plans. Students will serve as peer tutors-mentors for Media & Communications High School, in Washington Heights, NY. Readings will include Cross-Talk in Comp Theory, Composing a Teaching Life, The Art of Teaching Writing, Scenarios for Teaching Writing, and Life-Affirming Acts. (Approval Required)


CRN: 11049

Children And The Arts
Children and the Arts
This course will examine the integration of the arts into the elementary curriculum. Students will teach standards-based lessons that include the literary, performing, and visual arts. Activities will include art projects, sketch journals, reading assignments, and the exploration of community and teaching resources. Students will gain an understanding of the important role the arts can play in the curriculum through field placements in local schools (approximately 15 hours/week) and class discussions. (Pass/Fail)


CRN: 11050

Field Exp Secondary/Special Ed
Field Experience in Secondary Education and Special Education
In this course we will examine secondary teaching and special education at the middle school level. Working closely with practicing middle school teachers, students will spend five days a week in the schools, observing, tutoring, directing small-group learning, developing lessons, and assessing student work. In this seminar we will explore, through selected readings and a case study, the policy and pedagogy of special education for students with learning disabilities. Further topics in middle/secondary education will be addressed. Required for students seeking a minor in secondary education. (Pass/Fail)


CRN: 11051

NYC Education Internship K-12
The New York City Urban Education Internship
This internship provides teaching and learning opportunities at New York City Public Schools. During the term, each student will be assigned to work as an intern with a classroom teacher or program at a New York City school. Tasks will vary but may include: observing classes, tutoring, directing small-group work, working with special education students, working in the computer lab, and working with outreach programs. Students will spend five full days at the school each week, keep a journal, and complete a formal essay about their experience. In addition, there will be visits to other schools and educational programs in the area. (EDST 0115; Approval required, please contact Jonathan Miller-Lane or Trish Dougherty prior to registration). (Pass/Fail)


CRN: 11044

Independent Project
Independent Project
(Approval Required)


CRN: 11045

Independent Project
Independent Project
(Approval Required)


CRN: 11046

Independent Project
Independent Project
(Approval Required)


CRN: 11047

Independent Project
Independent Project
(Approval Required)


CRN: 11048

Independent Project
Independent Project
(Approval Required)


CRN: 11384

Critical Race Theory/Education
Critical Race: Theory in Education
In 1998 Gloria Ladson-Billings published a landmark piece entitled, “Just what is critical race theory and what is it doing in a nice field like education?” The piece revolutionized the field of education and helped bring an important lens of critique to understanding and working against inequity in schools. In this course we will examine the ways in which critical race theory has been utilized as a lens for interrogating past and current issues of systemic racism and other forms of oppression affecting our schools. We will focus specifically on curricula, funding, desegregation, special education, discipline practices, and federal laws affecting schools.

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