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What do we stand for?: Public Forums on Education

March 3, 2011

What: Five public forums during spring semester 2011, facilitated by the Education Studies Program of Middlebury College, for educators and school board members in Addison County.

Purpose: What would education be like for the children of Addison County if we took seriously the statement of principles entitled, “The Transformation of Education in Vermont” that was approved by the VT State Board of Education on July 30, 2008? What would change? What would stay the same?  What changes have schools already made? How might these principles support existing efforts to ensure that every student is both challenged and supported? What are the dreams of local educators and school board members regarding how schools and classrooms should and could be organized?  How could we collaborate to manifest those dreams?

Rationale: As an Education Studies Program, our goal is to prepare our students for the schools that exist now while fostering an attitude of creativity and imagination regarding the schools we may yet create.  Through these forums with local educators, we seek to foster dialogue and discussion that will inform our efforts to teach our own students as well as inform our efforts to ensure that Middlebury College students contribute to the success of students in Addison County.

Forum 1:          Thursday March 3, 4-5:30pm. Teachers.
Forum 2:          Tuesday, March 8, 4-5:30pm. Teachers.
Forum 3:          Sunday March 13, 4-5:30pm. canceled
Forum 4:          Wednesday, March 16, 4-5:30pm. Administrators. canceled

Forum 5:          Sunday, April 3, 4-5:30pm. School Board Members.

Location: Kirk Alumni Center, Middlebury College campus. Light refreshments will be served. Invitations will be extended to the specific groups listed above for the respective dates.  Faculty from the Education Studies Program at Middlebury College will facilitate the forums.

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