Alexander Twilight Hall After School Workshops

Thank you for your interest in the after school workshops generously supported by volunteers from the Page One Literacy Project.

Each child needs to have an emergency_contact form on file and a registration.

Suggestions for workshops are always welcome.  Students and student groups should email Prof. Humphrey with their ideas.

Where did this program come from?

The Twilight Hall After School Program has one main mission, to provide after school learning opportunities for the children of Middlebury College faculty and staff.  Discussions began in March 2011 about ways to incorporate the gifts and energy of the undergraduate students with the local school children.  Many people offered their expertise and insights (and job descriptions to copy liberally from), all of which culminated in a grant proposal which was ultimately funded.

Parents who have brought their children to Prof. Humphrey's extremely popular Science Fairs can see why he was the natural choice to spearhead this program.

Why is there a charge?

Your $36 tuition breaks down to $3/hour, this reasonable fee funds the purchase of food and craft supplies.

If we find that we are generating revenue beyond the costs of the program we plan to establish a scholarship.

Why are there age restrictions?

The workshop proposal form asks the teachers to suggest an appropriate age range based on the activities they are planning.

Moving forward when we are (hopefully) offering concurrent workshops we will make every effort to accommodate a broader range.

We have soccer/ballet/choir can we just do Wednesdays?

No.  We expect a commitment to attend both days of the entire series.

Although, if your child is too sick to go to school they are too sick to come to a workshop.  Please contact the program intern or the teachers if your child will be unable to attend.

How flexible are the hours?

Not very, we ask that children not be dropped off more than fifteen minutes before the start time. The classrooms in Twilight Hall will be in use for College courses during our workshop start time, children must be respectful of this situation.  Early arrivals are welcome to play on the swings and burn off energy as needed.  Likewise every effort will be made to wrap things up at 5:30 in a timely manner.

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