Nature Buddies

Nature Buddies is a workshop that will get students outside observing the landscape.  We will go on field trips to outdoor spots.  This is an interdisciplinary study of the land that will include art projects, writing, experiments all based on inquiry and curiosity.

1. Go to the art museum and tour the African environmental art exhibit.  Sketch pieces and create our own pieces of environmental (and possibly outdoor depending on the weather) art.

2. Go to the organic garden.  Explore the garden with all our senses.  Have students pair up.  One partner closes his/her eyes and gets asked to use his/her nose, hands, etc. to explore the garden.  Do nature writing based on the descriptive words we come up with on our sensory tours.

3. Walk the TAM listening for birds.  Where are the birds?  What different types could we find?  Make bird feeders to attract more birds using peanut butter, apples, and birdseed.

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