Sports Study

In this workshop, we plan on integrating the cultural, historical, and scientific aspects of course in correlation with hands on activities. Each session, we will focus on these topics in relation to at least one sport, three of which are outlined below. To further the experience, we will bring in real college athletes to share personal stories and demonstrations.


  • where the sport is biggest
  • different names of sports, differences depending upon where its played
  • controversy and political impact


  • Olympics: What happened when politics get in the way
  • gender issues in sports
  • famous athletes and their impact in the sport & the world


  • physics of sports ie. angles in crew, golf swing, etc.
  • Sports Medicine: Exercise and injury

Real life experience

  • Practice playing the sport! We will provide sports equipment
  • Personal experience (Emma & Casey, and their collegiate athlete friends)


Sports: (Soccer, Tennis and Gymnastics are outlined below, followed by a list of other sports)




  • Cultural
    • Big in Latin America ie Spain, Argentina
    • World Cup and Olympics
    • Can be played inexpensively with little material - allows it to be more worldwide
  • Historical
    • Professional Women vs. Professional Men
    • Soccer in America and its growth; David Beckham
  • Science
    • ACL injuries - what it is and what happens
    • Lower part of body and muscles there


  • Cultural
    • Sport that is played throughout entire lives
    • Different types: Play on clay, or sand
  • Historical
    • Wimbledon
    • Serena and Venus Williams/Roger Federer
  • Science
    • Wrist problems/long-lasting injuries
    • Knee problems


  • Cultural
    • Intensive sport
    • Generally targeted for younger athletes
    • Difference between women's & men's gymnastics
  • Historical
    • Olympics; scandal with Chinese gymnasts
  • Science
    • Stunts growth, injury





Field Hockey


Track and Field



Skiing & Snowboarding, winter sports

Miscellaneous (ie dog sledding, ice fishing, curling, dance)

Ice Hockey


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