ENVS 211 Spring 2006

Students worked on a range of local, regional, and national  climate policy projects including:

1) Work with the Climate Crisis Coalition to advance their Kyoto and Beyond platform in the 2006 mid-term elections for Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Maryland.

Climate Crisis Coalition Report

2) Extensive networking to garner support for the Cape Wind Project and to raise awareness of the backdoor amendments being introduced to threaten the project.

Cape Wind Report

3) Developing materials on the impact climate change will have on the maple syrup producers in Vermont for the Vermont Natural Resources Council (VNRC).  VNRC is part of the Vermont Energy and Climate Action Network, a coalition of groups who will be using this maple syrup pamphlet in their outreach work at the town level.

VNRC Report
Maple Syrup Pamphlet

4) Surveying faith communities and developing outreach materials that will diversify and broaden Vermont Interfaith Power and Light's (VTIPL) constituency base.  With a borader consituency, VTIPL can more effectively engage in policy issues.

VTIPL Report
VTIPL Pamphlet

5) Work to publicize what the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative will mean to Vermonters and what offset options are most appropriate for Vermont.

RGGI Executive Summary
RGGI Pamphlet
RGGI Offset Report

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