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Environmental Studies Senior Seminar Project Archive

Spring 2021
Professor Kate CrawfordPDF icon Adapting to the Reduction of PFAS in Vermont
PDF icon Developing PFAS and Biosolid Communication Materials
PDF icon Identifying Key Drivers of PFAS Breakthrough in Groundwater Wells Point of Entry (POET) Treatment Systems
PDF icon PFAS in the Waste Stream: Mass Balance Accounting and Extended Producer Responsibility
Professor Jon Isham
PDF icon Blueprint for a Climate Justice Jobs Corps in Vermont

PDF icon Advancing the Farm Labor Housing Initiative

PDF icon Replace Your Ride
Fall 2020
Professor Rebecca Kneale GouldPDF icon Communicating Agriculture’s Central Role in Holistic Solutions
PDF icon NOFA Interactive Map
PDF icon Charting Rural Vermont’s Long-Term Priorities at the Intersection of Food, Climate, and Racial Justice

Rural Vermont Story Map

PDF icon Crafting Equitable Policy in Association with Vermont’s Global Warming Solutions Act (GWSA) and Vermont’s Energy Transition
PDF icon GWSA Infographic
GWSA Audio Story
PDF icon Addressing Equitable Recreation in Vermont
Spring 2020
Professor Molly Costanza-RobinsonPDF icon Sustainable School Transportation for Mary Hogan Elementary School
PDF icon Sustainable Transportation: Storytelling Project Report
PDF icon Demand Response Programs for Elderly & Disabled Vermonters
Professor Mez Baker-Medard
PDF icon Establishing a Women Owning Woodlands (WOW) Chapter in Vermont: Resources for Effective Outreach to VT Women Landowners
PDF icon Investigating Bobcat-Recreation Conflict in Vermont
PDF icon Transportation and Recreation Access
PDF icon Vermont Forest Carbon: Opportunities for Private Landowners
PDF icon Carbon Market Pamphlet
Fall 2019
Professor Chris KlyzaPDF icon A Commons Conservation Collaboration Network Report
PDF icon Forest Landowner Management Decisions & Connections with the Resilience of Lake Champlain to Extreme Events
PDF icon Act 250 at 50: Obstacles and Opportunities for the Future
PDF iconPDF icon Considering Opening Your Land To Abenaki Access?
Spring 2019
Professor Dan BraytonFuture of the Northern Forests:  The Role of Commoning in Vermont's Central-West Ecoregion
Professor Jon IshamVision for Vermont Podcast
Fall 2018
Professor Dan SuarezPDF iconInsights into 350VT: A Reflection on Core Challenges and Best Practices
PDF iconPerspectives on Vermont’s Thermal Energy Future: Conversations with Fuel and Energy Service Providers
PDF iconEnvisioning an Electric Future for Vermont
PDF iconTowards Vermont’s Renewable Energy Future: A Collaborative Policy Approach
Spring 2018
Professor John ElderStories of Lincoln: Final Presentation
Lincoln Community Cookbook
Professor Mez Baker-MedardConditions for Successful and Innovative Transportation in Rural Vermont; Figure Appendix
Justice on Wheels: A Group of Initiatives to Increase Access to Mobility for Farm Workers in Addison County, VT
Ride the Bus! Exploring Pathways to Increase Middlebury College Student Ridership of the Addison County Transit Resources System
Moving Toward Active, Safe, and Sustainable Transportation in Addison County; Appendix
Fall 2017

Professor Rebecca Gould

Clemmons Family Farm Project Plan: Social Capital
Clemmons Family Farm Project Plan: Economic Resilience

Professor Nadine Barnicle

Developing a Successful and Adoptable Business Blueprint for Food Rescue; Blueprint

Weybridge, Vermont: A Path Towards No Food Wasted

Middlebury Union High School Food Waste Recovery Initiative

13 Strategies for Achieving Zero Solid Waste in the United States by 2050

Spring 2017

Professor Kathryn Morse

PDF iconLeveraging Energy Equity Programs to Support Lower Income Vermonters

PDF iconTotal Energy Visualization and Calculation

PDF iconInfographics Compilation

PDF iconRecommendations for Developing Arrearage Management Programs (AMPs) in Vermont

PDF iconStorytelling for Zero-Energy Modular Homes

Professor Marc Lapin

PDF iconDesigning a Model Landscape for Multiple Values: Envisioning A Sustainable Future for Middlebury College Lands

Fall 2016

Professor Mez Baker-Medard

PDF iconWater Quality and Farm Management Practices in the McKenzie Brook Watershed
PDF iconFarm Viability: Succession Plans and Beyond
PDF iconThe Viability of Biomethane Digesters in Vermont
PDF icon Migrant Labor in Vermont's Dairy Industry
Spring 2016
Professor Molly AndersonPDF icon Vermont Food Rescue Toolkit
PDF iconWater Quality and Tile Drainage in Addison County
PDF iconAlternative Heating Sources in Vermont Greenhouses
PDF iconCarbon Pollution Tax and Energy Efficiency: An Exploration of Implications and Innovations in the Vermont Maple Industry
Professor Rebecca Kneale GouldHydrology Zine
PDF iconCommunicating Environmental Issues: Art, Education, and the Environment
Fall 2015
Professors Mez Baker-Medard and Chris Klyza

PDF iconMiddlebury Community Energy Dashboard

PDF iconA Local Solution to the Challenge of Carbon Neutrality and Excess Phosphorus: Anaerobic Manure Digesters

PDF iconCarbon Pollution Tax: Implications for Vermont Agriculture

PDF iconCrafting an Equitable Carbon Pollution Tax for Vermont: An Analysis of the Impacts of Bill H.412 on Vermont’s Low-Income Community

Spring 2015
Professors Pete Ryan and Nick MullerPDF iconPDF icon Radon Risk and Public Health in Vermont
Fall 2014 
Professor Baker-Medard  
 Professor Gould
Spring 2014 
Professor Costanza-Robinson
Professor Isham City of Rutland Disaster and Emergency Planning  and
Creative Rutland: One City's Story of Boom, Bust, and Revival
A Taste of Rutland: Exploring Rutland County's Local Food Movement  and

Fall 2013
 Professor Gould

Envisioning Vermont's Environmental Future: Thinking Globally, Acting Locally (short form video)

Extended Video & ReportReport

Greening Faith: Vermont Interfaith Power and Light (video)

Vermont Talks Energy Podcasts:
Opening Script, Decision Making, Justice, Relationships

 Professor Ashcraft
Team Resilience
 Spring 2013 
Professors Trombulak and Ashcraft
Fall 2012   
Professor Costanza-Robinson 
Turning Green into Green: A Study of the Social, Environmental and Economic Benefits of Electrifying Middlebury College's Vehicle Fleet
Spring 2012  
 Professor Brayton
 Fall 2011 
Professor Morse
Professor Ashcraft
Spring 2011 

Professor Morse 





Fall 2010


Professor Ryan

Arsenic Contamination in Vermont's Private WellsArsenic Contamination in Vermont's Private Wells

Professor Brynn

Healthy Watersheds~Home WoodshedsHealthy Watersheds~Home Woodsheds

Spring 2010


Professor Trombulak

The 2010 Middlebury College Solar Initiative ProposalThe 2010 Middlebury College Solar Initiative Proposal

Developing Solar on Municipal Lands in Addison CountyDeveloping Solar on Municipal Lands in Addison County

 The Dairy Farm-Solar Power InitiativeH.518: The Dairy Farm-Solar Power Initiative

Winter 2010


Professor Trombulak

Carbon Sequestration and its Relationship to Forest Management and Biomass Harvesting in Vermont

Fall 2009


Professor Klyza

Biomass Procurement at Middlebury College: Assessments and Recommendations

Spring 2009


Professor Isham

 Cross-cultural Connections and the Global Climate MovementConnecting 350 and Study Abroad: Cross-cultural Connections and the Global Climate Movement

China, Climate Change, and Effective CommunicationChina, Climate Change, and Effective Communication

China pamphletChina pamphlet

Recommendations for the Institute For Sustainable Communities' Community Climate Leadership Academy CurriculumRecommendations for the Institute For Sustainable Communities' Community Climate Leadership Academy Curriculum

Fall 2008


Professor Jenks-Jay

Land Stewardship in the Moosalamoo National Recreation AreaLand Stewardship in the Moosalamoo National Recreation Area

Conservation Assessment of Current and Potential Uses for Middlebury College Bread Loaf LandsConservation Assessment of Current and Potential Uses for Middlebury College Bread Loaf Lands

 A Proposal Drafted for Rural VermontCleaning Vermont's Waters through Responsible Farming: A Proposal Drafted for Rural Vermont

Professor Dan Brayton
PDF icon Adapting to the Reduction of PFAS in Vermont
Spring 2008 
Professor Costanza-Robinson

Fall 2007

Professor Trombulak


Spring 2007


Professor Isham
Professor Barnicle
Fall 2006 
Professor Barnicle
Spring 2006 
Professor Constanza-Robinson
Fall 2005 
Professor Morse
Spring 2005 
Professor Jenks-Jay
Professor Lapin
Fall 2004 
Professor Gould
Vermont Renewable Energy: A Study of the Distribution and Application of Renewables in Vermont
Spring 2004 
Professor Morse
Fall 2003 
Professor Morse
Spring 2003 
Professor Klyza
Fall 2002 
Professor Jenks-Jay
Spring 2002 
Professor ElderKnow Your Food, Know Your Farmer: Highlighting the Connection Between Middlebury College and Local Food Providers
A Proposal to Unplug the Middlebury College Snow Bowl
Professor Jenks-Jay
Fall 2001 
Professor Gould
Spring 2001  
Professor Jenks-Jay(not comprehensive)
Professor MorseThe Path of the Seed: The Story of Where Cotton Comes From
Green Investing
Thou Shall Consume: A Spring Break Kayaking Journey

Where Does Your Food Come From:
pamphlet frontpamphlet front, pamphlet backpamphlet back, andpresentationpresentation

Misplaced and Displaced Matter: On the Topic of Lawn Art in Vermont
A Cultural Land Use History of Job's Necl, Martha's Vineyard
Middlebury Cribs (video)
Fall 2000 
Professor RyanAlternative Energy Lifestyles: Examples from Vermont
Political Campaigns and Fossil Fuels: Separating Science and Politics
Alpine Climate Change: Effects on Seasonal Snow Cover and Biota
Chinese Cookstoves: Small Polluters, Big Consequences - Providing Rural Electrification through Biogas Technology
Environmental Education: A National Outlook, A Local Impact
Implications for Global Climate Change: Polar Ice Cores
Spring 2000 
Professor GouldLife Boundaries: Nature, Economy, and Identity in the Lower Otter Creek Watershed
Religion, Education, and Ecology: Explorations Inspired by the Monroe Sisters Project
An Oral History of Vermont Farms
The Living Machine: A Natural Alternative to Waste Treatment
Professor CampImplementation of a Sustainability Focus in the Environmental Studies Program at Middlebury College
Spring 1999 
Professor Jenks-JayPlaques for Bicentennial Hall
My Gift to Middlebury (video)
Professor TrombulakPatterns of Development in Middlebury, VT
A Natural Resource Atlas for the Town of Middlebury
Professor Morse
Fall 1999 
Professor ElderLearning Across Cultures: Perspectives on Study Abroad
An Exploration of Wright Park with Third and Fourth Graders
The Preliminary Stages of an Outdoor Education Trip between Middlebury College and Middlebury Union High School
Proposal for a Sustainable Agriculture Focus in the Environmental Studies Program and a College Organic Farm
Professor NorthrupSustainable Management for the Green Mountain National Forest
Fall 1998 
Professor NorthrupBattell Lands Preservation
Spring 1998 
Professor ElderIndicator Species and a Long-Term Monitoring Program for the Vergennes Waterworks
Voices of the Land: An Introduction to the Waterworks
Fall 1996 
Professor TrombulakIndividual Projects on Forestry Issues
Fall 1994 
Professor NorthrupSustainable Agriculture and Resource Guide, grades K-12
Fall 1993 
Professor TrombulakIndividual Projects on Forestry Issues
Fall 1992 
Professor TrombulakAlternative Transportation in the Town of Middlebury: A survey of the current patterns of transportation and opinions on enhanced opportunities od bus, bicycle, and pedestrian transportation
Fall 1991 
Professor Trombulak
Fall 1990 
Professor RushmoreA Study of Lake Dunmore: Findings and Strategies for Future Management
A Clean Lake for Tomorrow
Fall 1989 
Professor SchmidtA Proposal for the Management of the Marcy Dam Area
The Otter Creek Gorge Greenbelt: A Preliminary Proposal
Fall 1988 
Professor Trombulak

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